Police, “We Are Checking Lee Sun-kyun’s Call Details+Testing Urine and Hair”

Police are speeding up their investigation into actor Lee Sun-kyun

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation team said on October 29th that it confiscated one of Lee’s mobile phones on the 28th and is checking the phone details to investigate.

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The police will also conduct digital forensics work to check whether the submitted mobile phone was used before and whether there are any traces of data deletion.

lee sun kyun

The police are also analyzing the seized vehicle under Lee’s name to check whether it has any signs of possessing drugs.

It also plans to request the National Forensic Service to conduct an urgent detailed assessment of Lee’s urine and hair to quickly check whether he is taking drugs.

Police previously collected Lee’s urine and conducted a simple drug drug test, which gave a negative result.

According to the police, Lee came to the summons on the previous day and refused to make a statement, so they decided to reschedule again to conduct a full-fledged investigation soon.

A police official said, “Lee expressed his intention to attend next time to be investigated, so we are currently discussing the schedule with his lawyer,” adding, “We will also consider applying for an arrest warrant for Lee and other drug suspects after a reinforcement investigation.”

Source: wikitree