PRESS CONFERENCE: “Bitter Sweet Hell”

Kim Hee Sun is taking on a new challenge by playing a psychological counselor in the upcoming MBC Friday-Saturday drama Bitter Sweet Hell!

Known for her versatility, Kim Hee Sun stars as Noh Yeong-won, a top family psychologist in Korea, whose career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer.

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She teams up with her mystery novel writer mother-in-law to protect her family in this human black comedy directed by Lee Dong-hyun and Wi Deuk-gyu, and written by Nam Ji-yeon.

At the online production presentation held on the afternoon of May 23, Director Lee and the cast, including Lee Hye Young, Kim Nam Hee, Yeonwoo, Hwang Chan Sung, and Jaechan, introduce their roles in Bitter Sweet Hell.

Bitter Sweet Hell

Kim Hee Sun expressed how she prepared for her role by referencing Dr. Oh Eun-young, focusing on how she would embody a counselor’s demeanor and style. The drama marks her return to television, taking on a role that showcases a different side of her talent. She shared her excitement and challenges in portraying a calm and composed character.

The cast features Lee Hye Young as Hong Sa-gang, Yeong-won’s mystery novelist mother-in-law, and Kim Nam Hee as her husband, Choi Jae-jin, a renowned reconstructive plastic surgeon. Hwang Chan Sung plays Noh Young-won’s mischievous younger brother, while Jaechan and Yeonwoo play her son and a mysterious woman, respectively.

Lee Hye Young conveyed her enthusiasm for the project and praised Kim Hee Sun’s cheerful demeanor and professionalism. Kim Nam Hee shared how he tried to bring humor to his character, and Hwang Chan Sung talked about the appeal of his bright and resilient character.

Jaechan enjoyed the playful atmosphere on set, especially with senior actors like Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hye Young. Yeonwoo, who plays Se-na, hinted at the mysterious nature of her character and how she prepared for the role.

Director Lee Dong-hyun set a target viewership rating of 15.6%, drawing on the success of his previous works. Kim Nam-hee promised to buy coffee for 50 viewers if the average rating hits 12%.

Bitter Sweet Hell will continue MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama lineup, premiering today at 9:50 PM.