PRESS CONFERENCE: “Good Partner” Promises to Delve into Life’s Realities with Conviction

Buckle up for a fresh SBS drama hitting the airwaves on July 12th – Good Partner!

This drama takes a unique spin on the courtroom genre, diving into the world of divorce lawyers.

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Leading the cast is Jang Na Ra, transforming into Cha Eun-kyung, a sharp and efficient star lawyer who thrives on getting results. Opposite her is Nam Ji Hyun, playing Han Yu-ri, a passionate rookie lawyer experiencing her own personal divorce.

Good Partner aims to portray the emotional and legal complexities that arise when individuals face unexpected breakups, challenging the stability of their families.

Good Partner

Jang Na-ra’s character, Cha Eun-kyung, is depicted as a seasoned and efficient lawyer, known for her straightforward and prickly demeanor. In contrast, Nam Ji-hyun’s character, Han Yu-ri, is a passionate and idealistic rookie lawyer, newly introduced to the harsh realities of the legal world.

Director Kim Ga-ram expressed his satisfaction with the casting, stating, “Jang Na-ra was the first actress that came to mind for the role, and her performance has exceeded expectations. Her portrayal of Cha Eun-kyung reveals facets of her acting ability that audiences have yet to see, showcasing a blend of charm, control, and charisma.”

Kim Ga-ram also commented on the casting of Nam Ji Hyun, highlighting how her real-life traits mirrored those of her character, Han Yu-ri. He praised Kim Jun-han and Pyo Ji-hoon for their fitting embodiments of their respective roles, contributing to a well-rounded and dynamic cast.

Jang Na Ra, reflecting on her return to SBS since her role in VIP, shared her excitement and gratitude.

I am thrilled to be part of this project. ‘VIP’ was a transformative experience for me, and I feel a deep connection to SBS. Starting this drama, I felt a strong urge to excel and bring something new to the table.

Good Partner is set to continue the trend of popular Friday-Saturday dramas, following the success of its predecessor, Connection.’Jang Na-ra expressed her hopes for the drama’s success, sharing how she drew inspiration from Connection’s popularity and prayed for positive outcomes during filming.

Interestingly, she revealed that her decision to take on the role of a divorce lawyer was influenced by her husband’s strong recommendation. She candidly discussed the juxtaposition of working on a drama about divorce while being newly married, noting the emotional and intellectual challenges it presented.

Regarding the challenge of portraying a cold-blooded lawyer, Jang Na-ra said, “The script was intense, and I had to carefully balance my character’s harshness with moments of vulnerability. I focused on creating a dynamic that would highlight the contrast between Cha Eun-kyung and Han Yu-ri.

The chemistry between the characters Cha Eun-kyung and Han Yu-ri is expected to be a highlight of the drama, offering viewers a mix of conflict and camaraderie. Nam Ji Hyun emphasized the unique dynamic between a veteran and a rookie lawyer, which adds depth and excitement to their interactions.

The production team and cast also discussed how working on Good Partner influenced their views on marriage and divorce. Jang Na-ra acknowledged the necessity of divorce in certain situations, while Nam Ji Hyun reflected on the complex and arduous nature of divorce as portrayed in the drama. Kim Jun Han, though unmarried, shared how the project broadened his understanding of relationships.

Pyo Ji-hoon, making his acting debut post-Marine Corps discharge, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. He noted that the script’s compelling nature motivated him to fully immerse himself in his role.

Director Kim Ga-ram concluded the conference by highlighting the emotional intensity of the drama, urging viewers to approach it not just as a television show but as a narrative that prompts reflections on real-life relationships and challenges.

Good Partner is scheduled to premiere at 10 PM on the 12th, promising a blend of emotional depth, legal intrigue, and relatable life lessons.