PRESS CONFERENCE: “Hierarchy” Promises a Fresh Take on Elite Teen Drama

Actors Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, and Kim Jae Won deliver a unique spin on the elite teen scandal in Hierarchy.

The cast is confident in their chemistry and eager to make a global impact.

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This new series features Jooshin High School, a prestigious establishment steeped in privilege and concealed motives, is governed by Jung Jae-i (Roh Jeong Eui), the reigning queen bee, and her partner, Kim Ri-an (Kim Jae Won), known as the king.

Their authority remains unchallenged until Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min), a scholarship student harboring resentment, transfers in. His presence disrupts the delicate social fabric at the top. Joining them, Yoon He-ra (Chi Hae Won) and Lee Woo-jin (Lee Won Jeong) complete the exclusive clique of students shaping the school’s dynamics.

On the morning of June 3, the production presentation for the Netflix series Hierarchy (directed by Bae Hyun-jin) was held in Seoul. The event was attended by the cast and creative team.


Director Bae Hyun-jin explained the show’s unique approach, saying, “The term ‘hierarchy’ might seem unfamiliar, but it’s the perfect word to imagine class and hierarchy. The story revolves around people who either want to protect or dismantle it.

Bae highlighted the show’s distinctive setting, focusing on a school divided by class. “Excluding scholarship students, the school has a solid world of the wealthy and privileged. These characters, who believed they were the center of everything, begin to question and grow through certain events. This is the charm of the show.”

The series explores the characters’ growth as they face various situations. “It’s not just about events and solutions but about delving into the characters’ emotions,” Bae added.

Regarding the casting, Bae expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s amazing to have these actors. For a teen drama, actors in their early 20s were ideal. Even unknown actors bring a unique shine, like baroque pearls.”

Specifically praising Roh Jeong Eui, Bae said, “She looks like a doll and is perfect in terms of image. Her experience and effort were evident on set, showcasing his seniority and leading role capabilities.”

Bae shared his experience working with Lee Chae Min in Alchemy of Souls and his desire to cast him again. “After a challenging scene, we exchanged contact information. I knew I wanted him for this project.”

Kim Jae Won caught Bae’s eye in Our Blues. Bae noted, “He had the chic and sophisticated feel needed for this role. When we first met, I knew it had to be him.

Casting Ji Won Ji as Hera was particularly challenging. Bae recounted, “I waited nearly a month for her to return from overseas. She embodied Hera perfectly.”

Bae also praised Lee Won Jeong, appreciating his ability to balance bright energy with serious moments. “Lee Won-jeong brought out the dual nature of his character, Woo-jin, brilliantly.”

Roh Jeong Eui shared his enthusiasm, stating, “I was eager to do this project to experience different scenes and ways of life with my peers.”

Lee Chae Min looked forward to showcasing a new side of his character, while Kim Jae-won found the teen genre intriguing and was eager to portray his multifaceted character.

“Hierarchy” promises a fresh take on school life, with scenes like swimming and fencing adding to the appeal. Bae Hyun-jin expressed confidence in the cast’s chemistry.

Roh Jeong Eui and Lee Chae Min spoke about the pressures and joys of leading their roles, emphasizing the supportive environment created by the cast and director.

Kim Jae Won admitted feeling the pressure of a lead role but found it a pleasant challenge. He appreciated the collaboration among the young cast and the director’s guidance, hoping for high rankings for Hierarchy.

Hierarchy will be released worldwide on June 7.