Pro-idol Kim Jaejoong reveals the secret on how to not gain weight

 Kim Haejoon is going on a diet on an episode of Jaefriends
The menu on this episode is Keto Kimbap

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KHJ: What is your diet like?

KJJ: Why bother going on a diet?

KHJ: Uh…? Is he trying to make me pissed off?

KJJ: I personally think eating is very important. I’d rather eat and move a lot. You either have to work hard or go outside. If you eat and move a lot, you won’t gain weight. 

(I mean, who doesn’t know that?ㅠㅠㅠ)

KHJ: That’s not easy to do… How many days have you starved yourself at most?

KJJ: At most? I once had the ‘Rock Disease’ back then. I lost weight to the point I reached 59kg. I only ate cherry tomatoes and lost 10kg in a month. 

KHJ: And you maintained that weight?

KJJ: I had to fit into a specific character for that genre, I had no other choice but to lose weight

KJJ: You’ve done something to get immersed into a character, right? It’s the same thing!

KHJ: You’re seriously amazing…

KJJ: Do you like spicy food?

KHJ: I do

KJJ: Then your diet won’t work

KHJ: Why did you ask?

KJJ: I give myself a punishment when I eat spicy food

KHJ: What kind of punishment?

KJJ: When I eat, it all goes to my face, you know? I get extremely puffy

KJJ: I would stand up until it all goes down. I would eat and continue to move. I have to walk and get outside. 

KJJ: If you’re not willing to give yourself a punishment, you’re gonna have to give up on spicy food

KHJ: Uh… That’s not easy…

KJJ: What did you eat that made you gain weight?

KHJ: What…?

KHJ: Alcohol and delivery food

KJJ: Delivery food indeed makes you gain weight

KHJ: You don’t eat delivery food?

KJJ: I eat delivery food a lot. That’s why I move a lot. 

KJJ: I just did this at home yesterday! 

(Jaejoong’s method of home training)

KJJ: I do this when my arm gets tired. I move without any break. I keep doing this at home. 

KHJ: You need to have the stamina for that

KJJ: You don’t have any stamina?

KHJ: The day after I drink a lot, even getting up is very hard for me to do. 

KJJ: Do you know what I do when I’m really tired and all I want to do is to lie down?

KHJ: You call that resting? What’s wrong with this Hyung…?

KJJ: This is really important. I’ve always dreamed of being a father without a dad body since I was young. I’ve always wanted to be a cool father.

-It’s really funny when he asked “What did you eat that made you gain weight?”

-My friend watched TV while doing planks on her days off…

-I should move a lot…

-I know very well that I should move a lot… But it’s not easy to do…

-It’s very amazing of him to control his food intake and move a lot as a habit and lifestyle instead of thinking of it as a diet… 

-He somehow sounds very cool when he says that he’s always wanted to be a father without a dad body…

-Meanwhile, I’m scrolling down this post while lying down…

-That’s true. As I live alone, I always clean up after myself right after eating and that helps me to not gain weight…

-I just got up, ordered a delivery food, and scroll down this post while lying on my couch…

-That’s not as easy as it sounds. He’s really amazing.

-I’m sure all people know that, it’s just that they don’t practice it in real lifeㅠㅠ He’s really amazing…

-Oh Gosh… I’m already tired just to hear that… That’s why I’m lying down right now…

-Keep your mouth shut, Oppa. Do you think people don’t know that…?!!

-I’m scrolling down this post as I lie on my bed… I’m offended.