Project For Students In Busan With BTS Jimin’s Donation Has Succeeded

Jimin’s donation to his alma mater in Busan has successfully turned into scholarships for junior students

According to Busan Ilbo on November 1st, 193 million won was raised as part of the project called “Thank you, senior!” by Green Umbrella Fund in Busan and Busan Ilbo for people to support alma matters and bridge the educational gap in Busan. As such, the donation was used to create a more equal educational environment through activities, such as providing 288 students in Busan with scholarships or learning expenses, replacing old school facilities, and supporting devices for learning.

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A heartwarming story was also delivered. It is said that a student who received a scholarship donated by Jimin to his juniors at Busan High School of Arts in August through the Green Umbrella Fund already graduated from the school and has been accepted to their desired university as the top student.

The student expressed their feelings in her letter for the Green Umbrella Fund in Busan, “The scholarship allowed me to concentrate on my studies. I will become a person who can spread good influence. Thank you”.

The scholarship donated by Jimin was delivered to 28 juniors at his alma mater who stood out in their field, such as dance, art, and music, or suffered financial difficulties. The large scholarship donation was used to buy costumes for the students and pay for their lessons.


Previously, Jimin donated 100 million won to the Busan Office of Education. He has quietly helped his juniors to make sure that they have a more equal educational environment and grow up healthily. He donated to support projects for students at the end of protective custody and improve the living environment of children with poor residential conditions after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Knowing that the scholarship Jimin donated actually helped his juniors, fans also expressed their respect and admiration for Jimin. Foreign media also highlighted Jimin’s good deeds and praised him for the way he exerted good influence by donating to the education field.

Source: Star News