Public criticism spreads over drama filming staff’s mistreatment controversies recently

Many people recently complained about discomfort caused by drama staff’s abuse of power actions

On September 10th, a long article titled, “Inhuman action of a drama filming team”, was posted in the online community BobaeDream. The netizen who posted it revealed that they suffered mistreatment on a drama filming set.

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chun woo hee kim dong wook

The controversial drama turned out to be “I’m Not a Hero”, which is scheduled to air in 2023. The post’s author said they tried to enter the hospital’s main building with his pregnant wife who was bleeding but they were stopped outside the hospital due to the drama filming.

Explaining the situation at that time, the netizen said, “There were two paths, one was full of filming monitors and staff, and the other was blocked so we could not pass through. We needed to get through quickly but the staff was blocking the way and told us to go quietly without running. I told them, ‘Do I need to care about what you’re doing?’, and the staff looked uneasy. As they were about to say something, I shouted, ‘s your filming more important than saving lives at a place like this?’”

Later, an official from the hospital explained through XportsNews, saying “According to confirmation from the security team, no one shouted like what was written in that post. That person (believed to be the netizen who made the post) waited for a while before going upstairs”, adding “The entire building was not blocked throughout the filming period and the patient is always the top priority. The patients and their guardians are allowed to enter even during the filming process. We have never blocked access to the hospital completely but there are times when it may take a while due to filming access checking”.

The hospital acknowledged that there were no major disturbances, but unlike other hospitals, entries were limited during the filming period. In this regard, the drama’s production team apologized, saying “We apologize for the inconvenience we caused to the guardian. We will pay more attention to not cause discomfort during filming”.

moving kim do hoon go yoon jung

Coincidentally, similar posts related to the filming of KBS’s 2023 Drama Special “Confession Attack”, scheduled to air this October, appeared on a community for college students. The drama was recently filmed on the campus of Chung Ang University. In particular, some students said they were controlled during the filming process and the staff even shouted at them in the library.

Accordingly, the drama filming team instructed students to move around in the school using harsh words, such as “Be quiet”, “Lower your head”, etc. The school’s bulletin board was also full of testimonies, such as “They did not let me take a photo for my student ID”, “They made me wait outside”, “They even blocked the hall, not just the library”, etc.

The public raged and poured intense criticism since complaints over drama filming staff’s abuse of power actions were revealed on the same day. These dramas have not aired but unfavorable issues would affect not only their own work but also other dramas.

Source: Daum