Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Jun Young To Pair Up For A Cinderella Story

TVING announces the casting of the actors in a hybrid romantic comedy titled, I Openly Dream of Cinderella (LT).

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The romcom series tells the story of a woman who decides to become Cinderella after hitting the wall of reality and meets a tycoon prince on a white horse who does not believe in love.

Lee Jun Young takes the role of Moon Cha-min, the arrogant prince of a chaebol company who does not trust people and hates women with Cinderella dreams. He becomes entangled with a newcomer and realizes romantic feelings.

Continuously showing strong appearances such as May I Help You, Let Me Be Your Knight, Imitation and more, the actor is up for a few upcoming projects. Expectations are high for Lee Jun Young, who will attempt to transform into a third-generation chaebol who has everything except manners in I Openly Dream of Cinderella.

Next, Pyo Ye Jin plays the role of Shin Jae-rim, a person who gets a job as a social club manager with the selfish intention of finding a prince on the white horse.

However, she is a 21st-century Cinderella who gradually overcomes the past of depending on someone and longing for love and becomes stronger to accept her life and win love independently.

Pyo Ye Jin, who showed a wide range of acting through Taxi Driver 1 and 2, Our Blooming Youth, VIP and more is attracting attention to her Cinderella character full of ambition to be shown in the story.

Baek Mi-kyung participates as a creator and attracts attention from the planning stage.

Story Phoenix, founded by writer Baek Mi-kyung, is participating in the production together with Keyeast, and has captured the hearts of the public with the heavy message and black comedy that runs through works such as Woman of Dignity, Strong Girl Bong Soon, and Mine.

Director Kim Min-kyung, who showed relatable comedy through Comedy Big League and SNL Korea, takes the lead in directing, and the screenplay is written by new writer Yuja.

The production team said, “We wanted to show warm work that extends a hand to those who are tired of the reality that it has become difficult to succeed on their own. In the end, the characters who overcome their Cinderella complex and become independent will leave a deep lasting impression on viewers. We hope it brings emotion and resonating messages.”

I Openly Dream of Cinderella, which depicts a 21st-century Cinderella who overcomes the world and its limitations will be released in 2024.

Source: xportsnews