Pyo Ye Jin & Kim Young Dae Picture Melancholic Love In New Drama ‘Moon In The Day’

ENA’s brand new fantasy romance series “Moon In The Day” dropped its first ever teaser poster a month before its release much to prospective viewers’ excitement.

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The poster didn’t only evoke thoughts but also captured the melancholic romance that lead stars Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae pictured. Keep on reading.

Pyo Ye Jin & Kim Young Dae’s ‘Moon In The Day’ Drops First Teaser

On September 18, ENA stirred excitement among the viewers after it released the teaser poster for the brand new series “Moon In The Day.”

Pyo Ye Jin

(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

The drama, which is based on the popular webtoon of the same name, marks Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae’s first meeting as an on-screen couple.

In the show, they will also play their first ever dual acting roles as the drama pans from one period of time to another.

“Moon In The Day” follows the intriguing reincarnation story between a man who was killed by his loved one and a woman who passes away endlessly after losing her memories.

Kim Young Dae

(Photo : Kim Young Dae Instagram)

Kim Young Dae plays Han Jun Oh, a well-known top star who has an inferiority complex. He also portrays Do Ha, an elite aristocrat from Silla dynasty.

Meanwhile, Pyo Ye Jin transforms into Kang Kyoung Hwa, a former firefighter who becomes Han Jun Oh’s bodyguard. She also plays Han Ri Ta, a noblewoman from Daegaya.

The released poster captures the emotional scene where Kang Young Hwa, a firewoman from the present time, faces Do Ha, a man from Silla, against the grim backdrop of a city.

'Moon In The Day' Poster

(Photo : ENA Channel Official)
Pyo Ye Jin, Kim Young Dae

Do Ha looks at Kang Young Hwa, the reincarnation of Han Ri Ta who’s dressed in modern clothing, as the hem of his traditional attire flutters around him, intensifying the tension.

The text on the poster that reads “I’m stuck here yet you’re flowing endlessly” expresses Do Ha’s pain as he’s tied up in the past, never forgetting his lover from the past.

“Moon In The Day” is predicted to capture the viewers’ attention with its riveting narrative and the cast’s powerful immersion, and a love that transcends time and past lives.

Pyo Ye Jin

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

Kim Young Dae

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

Don’t miss the drama’s arrival this October 25 on ENA, following the conclusion of Yoon Gye Sang’s “The Kidnapping Day.”

Where To See More of Pyo Ye Jin & Kim Young Dae

Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae are two of the hottest rising stars in the Hallyu scene today, boasting their flawless filmographies.

Kim Young Dae established himself as a buzzed-about character in mega hit drama “Penthouse.” Meanwhile, Pyo Ye Jin also showed her unstoppable charisma in “Fight For My Way” and “Taxi Driver.”

With their combined synergy, they are expected to deliver a well-curated fantasy romance, which is a first for ENA, that leaves a lingering impact on its viewers.