Pyramid Game Korean Drama Review (2024)

Pyramid Game Korean Drama

Network: TVING

Episodes: 10

Genres: Action, Thriller, Psychological

Aired: Feb 29, 2024 – Mar 21, 2024

Grade: A++

Baekyeon Girl’s High School is a renowned school in Seoul and grade 2 class 5 is the privileged class but they have their secret inside the class which other classes and teachers are not aware of. Sung Soo Ji (Boona) is a transferred student and on her first day, she noticed that everyone was strange but showed everything was normal. Grade 2 and class 5 are peaceful but also very weird.

Main Characters:

Bona as Sung Soo Ji

Sung Soo Ji is a transfer student and she has good social skills but is straightforward. She was involved in a pyramid game and became a victim of school violence.

Jang Da Ah as Baek Ha Rin

Baek Ha Rin gets the princess treatment from her classmates. She is known for her gentle and soft-spoken but no one knows the evil personality behind her softness.

Ryu Da In as Myung Ja Eun

Myung Ja Eun is a victim of school violence. She always cares for her classmates and always shows affection towards others.

Kang Na Eon as Im Ye Rim

Im Ye Rin is an idol trainee and the most beautiful girl in her class. She is very friendly and comes from a rich background but didn’t show off.

Highlights of Pyramid Game Korean Drama

New School:

Since childhood, Sung Soo Ji transferred to many schools as her father was in the military. She was raised by a single father and from a young age her father taught her to become independent and stay away from problems. Her only motto is to avoid two types: the losses and bullies. On the first day, she noticed that her class was a bit weird. Soon she discovered that her class played a “Pyramid Game” on the last Thursday of each month. She also knew that her life was going to be a little tough here.

Pyramid Game:

Pyramid Game is a popularity vote. Depending on the number of votes they get, they’ll get a grade between A and D. The grade equals their rank in the class. Those who are in Grade A can enjoy a few privileges. Those who are in grades B, C, and D can not go against A. The lowest grade is F, if anyone gets zero votes they will be in Grade F. Grade F is the polar opposite of Grade A which means that person will be an outcast and become the target of school violence. Each person gets five votes, one person can vote for five others but can’t vote for herself and can’t vote for one person multiple times. Grade 2 class 5 girls’ were playing this game secretly.

13th Pyramid Game Result:

Sung Soo Ji decided to participate in the 13th Pyramid Game, Seo Do Ah (Shin Seul Ki) told her that it was not mandatory to participate but Soo Ji also knew that even if she did not participate they would outcast her. Somehow Soo Ji knows that she has already made a few friends so she can’t be in Grade F. Shockingly Soo Ji became the next target with zero votes. Now her classmates bullied her in every possible way and nobody cared for her. She knows now her life in the school is going to be very tough.

Mastermind of The Pyramid Game:

Now Soo Ji is trying hard to find out the real mastermind of Pyramid Game, She was figuring out the characteristics of her classmates and getting bullied by her classmates. Soo Ji wants Ja Eun’s help to upgrade her grade but Ja Eun is not ready to help her. When nothing was working for her she decided to ask her homeroom teacher for help, but she didn’t know that he was a money seeker and she only got disappointed. Soo Ji is quick-witted and soon she finds out that Ha Rin is the real mastermind behind Pyramid Game. Meanwhile, in the 14th Pyramid Game, Ja Eun shows up and now the result is in their favour Soo Ji is in Grade C and Ja Eun is in Grade D. Now Pyo Ji Ae is in Grade F.


Ja Eun joins the Pyramid Game only because Soo Ji tells her that she will destroy the Pyramid Game. But when her Grade moves up, she breaks the promise she made with Ja Eun. She is getting better treatment from her classmates so she decides to stay away from problems and Grade F. However, when the bullying gets extreme she decides to help Grade F, and then the birth of a new trio begins Soo Ji, Ja Eun, and Pyo Ji Ae. They also know that it is not going to be easy for them to fight against Ha Rin.

Table Was Turning:

In the 15th game, the table was turned with no Grade F, of course, Ha Rin was not happy with the results she wanted Ja Eun and Soo Jin to be in Grade F. As there was no Grade F, anyone from Grade D could be bullied and now everyone was in fear. Soo Ji takes the help of Ye Rim, first, she puts Ha Rin on the spot as she discloses the Pyramid Game in front of her parents and then she suggests revoking Grade A privileges. Soo Ji decided to take more girls on her team as without their help it would be too tough for them.

Overall Thoughts on Pyramid Game Korean Drama:

Pyramid Game Korean dramas is one of the best psychological thriller survival dramas of 2024. The drama is based on school bullies and the games they played to decide the rank, based on the rank the student became the victim of school violence. They think that it is right for the person to get bullied but only one girl fights back to destroy the game and then the game changes. If you enjoy survival Korean dramas then definitely I will recommend you to watch this drama.

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