‘Pyramid Game’ Star Jang Da Ah Launches Personal Instagram Account

Jang Da Ah is not stopping in creating her own legacy as an actress anytime soon. Following the conclusion of her debut show “Pyramid Game,” the rookie star launched her personal Instagram account.

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Jang Da Ah Finally Joins Instagram

Rookie actress Jang Da Ah surprised her beloved supporters by launching her own Instagram account on March 21.

Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)

The South Korean beauty recently made her K-drama debut with TVING’s “Pyramid Game” and instantly captivated the attention of the public with her impressive acting.

With this, many viewers look forward to her future works. Following the conclusion of “Pyramid Game,” she created her own Instagram account to connect with her fans.

Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)
Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)

Jang Da Ah shared her stunning profile photo as her first Instagram post, followed by a set of behind-the-scenes pictures of herself on the set of “Pyramid Game.”

The rookie star thanked the viewers for supporting her drama where she transformed into a popular student who hides a dark truth behind her pretty face.

Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)

In the post, Jang Da Ah revealed her desire to be remembered as an artist with impressive visuals and skills. She wrote, “I hope the work became a memorable project for everyone. Goodbye, “Pyramid Game”!”

As of the moment, she has a whopping 180,000 followers. Follow Jang Da Ah on Instagram @alla_da_a!

Jang Da Ah Named As Buzzworthy Star In Hallyu

After breaking free from the prefix of being IVE Wonyoung’s older sister, Jang Da Ah captivated the public through her performance in “Pyramid Game.”

Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)

The show was based on the webtoon of the same name where students participate in a voting game in order to avoid becoming the target of school violence inside the classroom.

Jang Da Ah transformed into an evil dictator in the class as she manipulated the ranking game, making everyone bow down before her and her power.

Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)

With her amazing performance that blew the viewers away, Jang Da Ah made it to the Top 10 of buzzworthy actors list alongside “Pyramid Game” co-star WJSN Bona.

Here are the list of the most buzzworthy stars in Hallyu:

1. Kim Soo Hyun

2. Kim Ji Won

3. Jeon Jong Seo

4. Moon Sang Min

5. Cha Eun Woo

6. Kim Nam Joo

7. Park Hyung Sik

8. Jang Da Ah

9. Park Shin Hye

10. WJSN Bona

Congratulations to all the actors and actresses!

While you’re here, make sure to check out all 10 episodes of “Pyramid Game” on TVING and Paramount+ with English subtitles.

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