Queen Is Back! Park Eun Bin Debuts As ‘Castaway Diva’ This Fall

Park Eun Bin is set to dominate the autumn season as she comes back to the limelight with her brand new drama “Castaway Diva.”

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After a long wait, broadcast network tvN finally announced the release of the upcoming weekend drama. Keep on reading to know more.

Park Eun Bin’s ‘Castaway Diva’ Debuts This Fall

On September 14, tvN’s forthcoming drama “Castaway Diva” dropped an exciting new teaser poster, giving a glimpse of what’s about to come.

Park Eun Bin

(Photo : Park Eun Bin’s Instagram)
Queen Is Back! Park Eun Bin Debuts As ‘Castaway Diva’ This Fall

Starring Park Eun Bin, “Castaway Diva” follows the hilarious life of a woman who gets lost in a deserted island on her way to Seoul to audition and finally reach her dreams to be a singer.

In the show, Park Eun Bin transforms into Seo Mok Ha, a woman who gets cast away in an uninhabited island. After 15 long years, she finally sees hope as she gets rescued.

Queen Is Back! Park Eun Bin Debuts As ‘Castaway Diva’ This Fall

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Park Eun Bin

The new poster shares a glimpse to the upcoming series as a huge SOS sign is written on the white sand on the beach, showing the desperation to be saved.

“A story that will save your dreams that are slipping away” is written on the poster which relays the drama’s purpose-to give lost people a sense of hope as they find their new direction in life.

With this, attention for the brand new show is doubled. Expectations for Park Eun Bin are through the roof as fans grow curious about what she will show in her new project.

‘Castaway Diva’ Announces Release Date

Park Eun Bin’s “Castaway Diva” is one of the most anticipated works this 2023.

Park Eun Bin

(Photo : Namoo Actors Official Instagram Account)
Queen Is Back! Park Eun Bin Debuts As ‘Castaway Diva’ This Fall

Not only does it star big names in the acting scene, it is also run by hit dramas “While You Were Sleeping” and “Start-Up” director Oh Chung Hwan and writer Park Hye Ryun.

In addition, Chae Jong Hyeop joins the cast as Kang Bo Gul, an entertainment producer who becomes Seo Mok Ha’s love interest after he rescues her from seclusion.

Chae Jong Hyeop

(Photo : Star News)


(Photo : Daum News)

Meanwhile, VIXX N portrays Kang Woo Hak, Kang Bo Gul’s older brother and an entertainment news reporter.

With the promising casting lineup, fans are in for a treat this fall. The series will air every Saturday and Sunday to deliver an exhilarating drama that washes the week’s stress away.

Catch “Castaway Diva” this October 21 at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN. It will also be available on Netflix for worldwide viewers so don’t miss it.