Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Recap and Review: Sa-ra Remarries Yul-seong!

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Recap and Review: Sa-ra returns to the Cha household while creating spaces between herself and Ki-joon. Directed by Park Jin-suk, the drama stars Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk, Lee Tae-goo, and Na Young-hee, alongside other cast members.

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The Kdrama (끝내주는 해결사) tells the story of Kim Sa-ra who was once the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, however, an unfair divorce leads her to become someone who helps others facing a similar situation. Helping her in this is Dong Ki-joon who was an excellent prosecutor but has now become her business partner and advisory lawyer. They now work together to solve unfair divorce cases, but will this partnership evolve into something else?

-Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Recap

Sa-ra tells Ki-joon about Yul-seong’s proposal to get married again and he is not ready to let Sa-ra go with it. However, Sa-ra is determined to enter the Cha household again so that she can get clues regarding her mother and Yu-mi’s case. Ki-joon is persistent about looking for another way but Sa-ra is desperate after having lost evidence/clues consecutively.

Seeing this, Ki-joon asks her what would be the result of this remarriage if things don’t go as planned, but Sa-ra is adamant that her way is the best right now. Ki-joon then rushes to Yul-seong and tells her to stay away from Sa-ra but is seen by Hui-won who tells him to keep Sa-ra away from her house.

He too tells her to keep her son in check and rushes inside Yul-seong’s office. Right then, Sa-ra arrives and Ki-joon storms out, following which Sa-ra tells Yul-seong that she is ready for the remarriage. This makes him suspicious and he tells her to prove herself by setting up a meeting between himself and Young-a.

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 10 still

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The next day, Sa-ra tells everyone at Solution about the solution that she has planned for herself but is opposed by everyone when she tells them that she will remarry Yul-seong. However, she is adamant and tells everyone about how she is ready to trap the whole of Chayul Law Firm in her plan.

Later, she makes the meeting between Yul-seong and Young-a possible which makes him believe in her. Hui-won gets the news of Sa-ra meeting her son and barges in on them but stops when she sees Young-a with them. Young-a doesn’t talk about the plan Yul-seong is trying to make work but he doesn’t mind as he can now trust Sa-ra.

After the meeting, Sa-ra presents the remarriage contract to Yul-seong and adds clauses regarding childcare and alimony which amuse him. However, he accepts it with another clause about her helping him out with the law college plan. Later, police barge into Solution with a search warrant, leaving everyone surprised.

Hui-won arrives after the police leave and Sa-ra understands that this is her plan to stop Sa-ra while also taking care of Ki-joon. Sa-ra is speechless but she observes Hui-won exchanging glances with Hee-jin which makes her suspect the latter. Sa-ra goes to Yul-seong to stop Hui-won and returns to Solution where Kang Bom tells her that the police found evidence against them.

Sa-ra understands who is behind this situation and goes to Hee-jin when they find the CCTV box stolen. She is sure that Hee-jin is behind this mess and confirms it when she finds the CCTV box inside her drawer. She tells her to leave Solution right then and there. Ki-joon sees them and asks Sa-ra once again if she needs to return to that house.

She confirms this and Ki-joon tells her that he cannot work with her any longer and leaves Solution. Soon, Sa-ra returns to the Cha household and surprises Hui-won with her presence. Hui-won immediately calls Yul-seong who is adamant about having Sa-ra return, leaving Hui-won no choice but to accept this decision.

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 10 still

Meanwhile, Ki-joon has set up an office elsewhere and continues to investigate the case from Yu-mi’s point of view. Kang Bom and Dae-ki arrive to join him and the three begin work. On the other hand, Sa-ra finally unites with her son and is finally happy. Later, she pushes her presence onto Hui-won and makes the line between them clear.

Soon, Sa-ra begins her real work and looks through Hui-won and Yul-seong’s schedule from the day of her mother’s accident, but she finds nothing. Elsewhere, Kang Bom and Daek-ki begin their fieldwork and look into whom the taxi driver connected to Yu-mi’s case is meeting.

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They are shocked to see Hui-won meeting the driver, who on the other hand, is telling him to leave the country as soon as possible because of Ki-joon’s investigation. The next day, Sa-ra finds the driver’s shoes in the house and tries to find out more about him. She observes him and realises that he is wearing shoes similar to the pair worn by the man who took her mother to Yul-seong.

With this information, she goes to Ki-joon and asks to look at the CCTV footage again. She has now confirmed that the two are indeed the same person and Ki-joon finds out that this is the driver associated with Yu-mi’s case. Now, all that is needed is to get the man to reveal the people behind these two incidents and Sa-ra has a plan in her head.

Later, she calls the driver to meet her and shows him the video, questioning him about his mother. However, he feigns innocence and leaves from there. He then runs to Yul-seong for help and tells him to prepare the money so that he can escape soon. This makes Yul-seong suspicious of Sa-ra who then confronts him about the same and makes him relax his guard.

During dinner, Yul-seong gets a call confirming that the law regarding law schools has been passed. He then thanks Sa-ra for her help but Hui-won is not convinced that this is because of her and storms from there. Later, Sa-ra thanks Young-a for her help and recalls the day she went to ask for her help.

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 10 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Ending

Sa-ra did ask for help regarding the law but Young-a made it clear that it was going to be passed anyway as she had been working on it in secrecy. Plus, after Sa-ra help in her divorce case, she is more than ready to help her in her case. Elsewhere, Yul-seong and Hui-won clash regarding the scene at dinner and she reveals how the driver didn’t think twice before breaking the trust that she had put in him.

Upon saying this, he leaves and returns drunk, giving Sa-ra a chance to look into his phone and find clues. She stumbles upon Yul-seong’s plan to get rid of the driver and plans to intercept with her Solution gang. Finally, the day arrives and the team stop the driver from reaching the location, which saves his life.

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They then have him witness what Yul-seong had planned for him and he reveals that it was Yul-seong who was present in the car with Sa-ra’s mother. However, he is not ready to spill any beans regarding Yu-mi’s case and runs away as soon as he sees the opportunity. However, this chase doesn’t end well and he loses his life in front of the Solution team.

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 10 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 10 Review

Another important witness is lost and we are sure that Sa-ra is going to go all offence in the upcoming episodes which will mark the end of this show. Additionally, this episode has brought another intriguing end and we are surely waiting to see how the Sa-Ki couple is going to solve this case without any evidence on hand.

However, it isn’t just the case that we are looking forward to being solved, but also the tension between the Sa-Ki couple who had won our hearts right from the start. This episode ended with many more hopes for the couple and also the supporting couple- Kang Bom and Dae-ki, who keep getting cuter with every episode.

Altogether, this was yet another intriguing episode and we look forward to the finale week of this show.

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