Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Recap and Review: Sa-ra’s First Win Against Yul-seong!

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Recap and Review: Sa-ra celebrates her first win against Yul-seong, however, a surprise soon arrives at Solution. Directed by Park Jin-suk, the drama stars Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk, Lee Tae-goo, and Na Young-hee, alongside other cast members.

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The Kdrama (끝내주는 해결사) tells the story of Kim Sa-ra who was once the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, however, an unfair divorce leads her to become someone who helps others facing a similar situation. Helping her in this is Dong Ki-joon who was an excellent prosecutor but has now become her business partner and advisory lawyer. They now work together to solve unfair divorce cases, but will this partnership evolve into something else?

-Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Recap

With Ki-joon’s arrival, Dae-ki and Kang Bom decide to look a little into his past and find a video of him teaching a parking violator a lesson to remember. This reminds Kang Bom of Sa-ra and cannot help but think about how similar the two really are. Meanwhile, Sa-ra questions Ki-joon’s arrival at Solution to which he makes a compromise and tells her that he will leave after three months if she still feels awkward around him.

Sa-ra accepts the offer and goes back to work when Kang Bom comes rushing and shows her a social media post made by friend years back wherein she is posing with Ki-joon while looking happy. Sa-ra is surprised by this and hides the print while asking Kang Bom to take care of the post.

Later, a meeting regarding Lee Joo-won’s (wife of the anchor who was blamed for sexual assault) divorce case begins. Ki-joon is surprised by how adamant Sa-ra is about helping Joo-won get a divorce and is stunned by the way the meeting proceeds. Having no time to get used to the odd way the team operates, he goes along with the decisions made.

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 3 still

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Later, he contacts a friend who passes him information related to the case and asks him to look into Yul-seong’s divorce case. Elsewhere, Yul-seong gets to know about Sa-ra and Ki-joon’s cooperation and asks his people to keep an eye on the two. Meanwhile, Sa-ra tries to meet her son but after endless waiting, she is sent back with a threat to call the police the next time she tries something like this.

The next day, news of the anchor Jang Jae-guk makes headlines after he is assaulted in his office. While the world blames Joo-won and the victim Seo In-hee for this, Sa-ra tries to find out the truth from her client. However, Joo-won tells her that she is being falsely accused as she never went to his office.

Sa-ra tries to get an alibi to support her client but soon finds out that she has been lied to by Joo-won. She immediately drops the case and is not ready to believe Joo-won when she tells her she never entered his place. The next day, Joo-won tries to meet In-hee but is sent back as the latter blames her for causing issues by making a post supporting her husband.

Elsewhere, Sa-ra’s team is unable to believe that she is giving up on the case this easily but she refuses to make any comments. Sa-ra continues to call Yul-seong to get a chance to meet her son but with no response from him, she decides to meet him face-to-face. Unexpectedly, Ki-joon drives past the two and decides to make an appearance.

Yul-seong tells Sa-ra to drop the divorce case if she wants a chance to meet her son but his shamelessness amuses the latter. Right then, Ki-joon arrives and takes Sa-ra away with him while Yul-seong is unable to come in between the two. He later takes Sa-ra for dinner and they arrive at Jang-mi’s restaurant where she teases them with the name Sa-Ki couple.

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 3 still

After the dinner, Sa-ra looks for her phone and ends up handing the printout of their picture to Ki-joon which makes him ask if she ever missed him during these five years. Sa-ra is unable to say no and this is enough to make Ki-joon happy. Elsewhere, Yul-seong finds out that his new father-in-law is soon to be in trouble with the law.

The next day, Sa-ra looks at her picture with Ki-joon and rushes to ask Kang Bom for pictures from Joo-won’s phone. She looks at the pictures and understands that something is wrong with Joo-won’s relationship with her husband. She asks Joo-won about it and finds out that she had been sexually assaulted by her husband which got her pregnant, leaving her no choice but to marry him.

This is big evidence for Sa-ra but Joo-won is not ready to have this revealed to the world as it would affect her daughter. Knowing what Joo-won must have gone through, Sa-ra begins to look into other ways to help her. Meanwhile, Ki-joon finds the door in the dark when he notices a drone flying around the scene of the incident during a news report.

He knows who must have done this and rushes to the person with Sa-ra. The two find the man to whom the drone belongs and after a hectic run and chase, they are finally able to get the drone recording from the day of the incident. The video proves that Joo-won did not harm her husband, but it doesn’t end there as it also shows that In-hee didn’t enter the building.

Later, Sa-ra’s friend arrives to meet her and is excited to see that Ki-joon is working with her at Solution. While she hopes that the two get together, she reveals bits about Sa-ra’s past when she asks her if she told Ki-joon that the reason she did not run away with him was because she found out that she was pregnant.

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Sa-ra is aware of how Joo-won must have felt during her marriage because she too married Yul-seong due to her sudden pregnancy. Meanwhile, Ki-joon is unaware of this and remembers how he waited for hours at the airport for Sa-ra to arrive. The next day, Sa-ra finds out that Chayul was behind Jae-guk’s incident which was staged to get him out of this mess.

Having found this, Sa-ra wasted no time in getting Joo-won to work on their next plan. The two approach In-soo and tell her about what happened to Joo-won and the evidence that they hold in hand. They hope for In-soo to cooperate with them but will not force her to be part of their plan. However, Sa-ra reminds her that this isn’t about reconciliation but about getting revenge for what was done to them.

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 3 still

On the other hand, news of Yul-seong’s father-in-law makes headlines and Yul-seong tells his mother of his plan to become an assemblyman to reach their goal. Later, Sa-ra and Ki-joon meet Yul-seong and Lawyer Ma who is working on Jae-guk’s case. They show them a video of Jae-guk confessing his crimes in a burst of anger in front of his wife and In-soo which is enough to make them take a step back.

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Ending

Sa-ra tells them that the divorce agreement holds a clause that Joo-won will not reveal his deeds to anyone and with this, the case ends and Sa-ra gets her first win against Yul-seong. However, Sa-ra is not satisfied as she needs to get Yul-seong behind bars. The two then head to the next part of their plan and secretly bring Jae-guk to the hospital’s terrace.

There, Joo-won and In-soo shock him into revealing that he is faking his injuries and walk away with plans to bring In-soo justice. Jae-guk blames Sa-ra for breaking apart a family but she tells him that it was his fault for never having understood his wife which led to this situation.

Finally, Joo-won is free from her marriage and Sa-ra congratulates her for her successful divorce. However, a new wave comes rushing to her when Yul-seong’s new wife, Han Ji-in arrives at her firm for help.

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 3 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 has set it in stone that our interest is going to lie in the relationship between Sa-ra and Ki-joon more than in her revenge and the many cases that she is going to be handling. While the divorce cases are surely going to get interesting with Han Ji-in arriving at Solution, I am seriously looking forward to the Sa-Ki couple’s interaction.

Meanwhile, the cases are going to be linked to Chayul for sure as they are the target Sa-ra has her eyes on, so maybe we might just be seeing a few repetitions here and there. Let’s hope that the show has something more exciting for us to look forward to other than the Sa-ki couple which may just become the only reason for us to hold on to the show.

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