Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Recap and Review: Noh Yul-seong vs the Ex-Wife and New Wife Team

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Recap and Review: Yul-seong’s new wife comes to Solution to get a divorce with Sa-ra’s help. Directed by Park Jin-suk, the drama stars Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk, Lee Tae-goo, and Na Young-hee, alongside other cast members.

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The Kdrama (끝내주는 해결사) tells the story of Kim Sa-ra who was once the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, however, an unfair divorce leads her to become someone who helps others facing a similar situation. Helping her in this is Dong Ki-joon who was an excellent prosecutor but has now become her business partner and advisory lawyer. They now work together to solve unfair divorce cases, but will this partnership evolve into something else?

-Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Recap

No Yul-seong is ready to divorce his new wife after her father gets in trouble with the law, while his new wife Han Ji-in makes her way to Solution to find a way out for herself. However, Sa-ra is not pleased by her appearance and talks to her in private to reject her case. Right then, Ji-in offers her a way to connect with her child which catches Sa-ra’s attention.

She tells Sa-ra that Yul-seong holds evidence against her while she is being blackmailed by an unknown person with an inappropriate video. However, she is not sure if the evidence in her husband’s hand is the video or something else and hopes for nothing but to win the divorce case.

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 4 still

Sa-ra wishes to connect with So-yun and is unable to say no to Ji-in while Yul-seong finds out about his current wife going to his ex to help with their divorce. He rushes to meet Sa-ra and tries to change her mind, however, he unintentionally makes her agree to take up the case. Sa-ra informs Ki-joon about the same and they meet Ji-in the next day.

She presents various scenarios to Ji-in to prepare a case and finally settles on verbal insults to begin building up her case. She then tells her team about how Ji-in would not get anything from this case as all assets are under Yul-seong’s mother’s name, so their focus is on getting the USB drive that contains the evidence Yul-seong holds against Ji-in.

Sa-ra takes Ki-joon with her to break into Yul-seong’s office and get the drive and while she distracts her ex-husband, Ki-joon gets the drive. However, they soon find out that the USB drive holds nothing but some rumours about Ji-in while having no trace of the video. Now, they just need to catch the blackmailer and get their hands on the footage.

Later, Sa-ra and Ki-joon discuss the same over food when the latter mentions failed marriages which makes Sa-ra begin an argument and helps Ki-joon understand the situation that people go through better. The next day, the new manager Jang Hui-jun arrives at Solution and begins her work, but her suspicious looks make Sa-ra and Ki-joon have their doubts.

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 4 still

Meanwhile, Yul-seong gets his USB drive back while his mother pressurises him to take action soon. Later, he meets the party representative and assures her that he will get a divorce within 10 days. Yul-seong is now in a rush to get divorced but with Sa-ra not receiving his calls, he gets anxious and tells his subordinate to bring Sa-ra in any way possible.

Soon, Sa-ra is kidnapped from Ji-in’s house and Ki-joon rushes to save her; succeeding right on time and taking her for a change of clothes after they rip off during the escape. The two then make their way to Yul-seong’s office and Sa-ra confronts him about the kidnapping which he denies to have been involved in.

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Ending

Sa-ra is aware that he is lying but doesn’t waste her time there, instead, she leaves to find the blackmailer after finding out that Ji-in has left to meet him. The Solution team soon spot the blackmailer and after another hectic run and chase, they almost catch him but fail when Dae-ki realises who it is and lets him escape.

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 4 still

The team is then scolded by the cafe owner whose place is a mess due to the incident and Jang-mi arrives with compensation along with a new car for Ki-joon. The team then begin looking into the blackmailer while Hui-jun arrives to see what they are up to. However, what they don’t see is that Dae-ki is shaken by the incident and tells Sa-ra that he will get the footage without fail.

Later, Ki-joon meets Professor Seo’s family in the hospital and finds one of Yul-seong’s men at the hospital. He understands that Yul-seong is involved in Professor Seo’s incident but is unable to confirm the connection between the two people. Elsewhere, Yul-seong tries to find a way to divorce Ji-in as soon as possible and approaches her but Sa-ra’s arrival makes his plan fail.

On the other hand, Dae-ki finds the blackmailer who is none other than his brother who had once left him to die. Dae-ki does not involve himself with his brother’s nonsense and goes back to the latter’s place to get Ji-in’s video and leaves soon after. Unfortunately, Hui-jun has followed him all the way here and gets her hand on the video.

She then approaches Yul-seong and hands over the video to him, giving him the upper hand in his upcoming divorce. Elsewhere, Ki-joon visits Sa-ra to hand over her clothes that were left in his car but sees her hugging Dae-ki which makes him stop in his place.

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 4 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 4 Review

The Sa-Ki couple continues to dominate our screen in yet another episode and while the ending may hint at a misunderstanding being created, we hope that the plot doesn’t follow this route and gives them a smooth story. This is simply because this couple has surely gone through a lot already and we wouldn’t want to see them suffering in any way.

Meanwhile, Sa-ra’s description of what Solution does by helping people get a divorce is needed in today’s times. It isn’t a failed marriage but failed people that lead to such situations and no one knows this better than someone who has gone through the same.

Kang Ki-young, on the other hand, is raising our standards not just as a member of the Green Flag Club but also in his character by delivering his lines in ways that cannot be done in the way he does. He knows how to keep the audience excited and laugh out loud with his performance and there is no way we can miss out on pointing this out.

Altogether, this was yet another captivating episode.

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