Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Recap and Review: Sa-ra Finds Comfort in the Arms of Her Ex

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Recap and Review: Sa-ra finds out the truth about her mother’s death and a witness who can help her. Directed by Park Jin-suk, the drama stars Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk, Lee Tae-goo, and Na Young-hee, alongside other cast members.

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The Kdrama (끝내주는 해결사) tells the story of Kim Sa-ra who was once the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, however, an unfair divorce leads her to become someone who helps others facing a similar situation. Helping her in this is Dong Ki-joon who was an excellent prosecutor but has now become her business partner and advisory lawyer. They now work together to solve unfair divorce cases, but will this partnership evolve into something else?

-Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Recap

Hearing Yul-seong’s offer to get re-married, Sa-ra is dumbstruck as she finds his proposal hilarious and unbelievable. She rejects it on the spot and leaves from there but later breaks down in front of her friend as she misses her son. Seo-yun is the only one who can make her weak and while she knows that she is being stupid, she momentarily leans towards accepting his proposal.

The next day, Yul-seong begins sending Sa-ra flowers which she is not happy about and sends them back to his mother to let her know of what is happening. She then calls her mother’s number and is surprised when someone picks up the call, letting her know that someone has taken her number.

Ki-joon walks into her office and this time Sa-ra tells him about her mother’s number. Elsewhere, Cha Hui-won is angered by her son’s actions and questions him. Yul-seong tells her about Sa-ra’s relationship with Young-a, additionally, Ki-joon and Sa-ra are investigating Na Yu-mi’s case which is why he needs to separate the two.

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Recap and Review: Sa-ra Finds Comfort in the Arms of Her Ex
Queen of Divorce Episode 9 still

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Back at Solution, Ki-joon sees Kang Bom packing some memorial service items and finds out that it was what Sa-ra ordered as it is her mother’s death anniversary. Ki-joon follows Kang Bom to Sa-ra’s house and begins helping out in setting the items. While his barging in was unexpected, Sa-ra is happy about his presence and the help he is providing.

The group begins setting up the items while discussing Yu-mi’s case which is overheard by Yul-seong, as he too comes for the memorial service. He then barges in but Sa-ra is not happy about his presence and makes him leave. Later, Yul-seong tells his subordinate to find out about the part-timer who walked past them when he was discussing getting rid of Yu-mi.

Meanwhile, Sa-ra shows Ki-joon her mother’s picture when he talks about how he never got to see her, but is soon surprised when he recognises her as the informant who disappeared when he was investigating Yu-mi’s case. He shows the two the CCTV footage and Sa-ra is shocked when she finds out that her mother’s death might not just be a suicide.

Ki-joon tries to calm her down and Sa-ra holds her emotions in, but after he leaves, she breaks down again. Meanwhile, Ki-joon remembers how he saw Yul-seong on the day of Sa-ra’s mother’s suicide and makes a guess that the two might be somehow related. The next day, Sa-ra and Ki-joon begin looking into any clues related to a witness who might have passed on the information to her mother.

They find out about the part-timer Bae So-hee who used to work for her mother and realise that she may have some information on this case. They begin looking for her while Yul-seong sends his subordinate for the same. Meanwhile, So-hee is traumatised by a stalker and by Sa-ra’s mother’s death which was caused by the video she passed on to her.

As she runs away from anyone asking for her, she dashes into Sa-ra who tells her about how she wants her help to find out what happened to her mother. So-hee is reluctant to share any information and runs away from her as well. Sa-ra looks for her but finds no one and moves to Ki-joon who tells her about So-hee’s stalker.

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 9 still

He then takes her home and passes on a cell phone with her mother’s number; telling her to call on this number whenever she misses her mother as it now belongs to her. The next day, Sa-ra pleads So-hee through messages to help her find the truth and So-hee finally agrees to the same.

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So-hee comes to Solution and tells her how she got hold of the video wherein Yu-mi tried to blackmail Yul-seong which later led to him making the plan to kill her. She also tells her that her mother didn’t go to the prosecutor’s office alone but with her. However, she went to the washroom and during this time, her mother was taken to a car and she saw Yul-seong’s subordinate enter the same car. This was the last time she saw her.

This information makes it clear that Yul-seong is involved in Sa-ra’s mother’s death and Sa-ra pleads for her to make a statement to the police while guaranteeing her safety. Ki-joon asks her about the video but is disappointed when she tells her that it has been deleted. So-hee is not sure about giving her statement and holds on to the thought.

Elsewhere, Yul-seong tries to cut off Hee-jin but is surprised to see her persistent behaviour as she introduces herself to Hui-won. Later, Sa-ra gets So-hee message and she agrees to give her statement. However, as she leaves her hideout, So-hee is stopped by her stalker who tries to take her away forcefully.

Meanwhile, Sa-ra has arrived at So-hee’s place but doesn’t find her there. She tries to reach her, unaware that So-hee has been hurt by her stalker who then proceeds to kill her. The scene shifts to a morgue where So-hee’s dead body is shown to Sa-ra who is shocked and loses her last ray of hope.

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 9 still

Ki-joon then takes her home but is unsure about leaving her alone. He then goes back to her apartment but gets no response which makes him fearful and he tries to figure out the password to the door. A surprising combination of numbers leads him inside where he finds Sa-ra on the floor in the middle of a panic attack.

He calms her down after which Sa-ra comes back to her senses and breaks down while recalling how her mother faced an unfair death. Ki-joon hears her out and she suddenly asks him about how he entered the house. Ki-joon tells her that he tried his date of birth and it was the password which creates a moment of awkwardness for the two.

Sa-ra tries to explain it but Ki-joon doesn’t say anything and proceeds to leave. However, he tells her that while the chess piece on her table and the password to the house may mean nothing, he is going to stick to a fleeting hope and wait for her. But, he is unable to leave her alone right now as she is going through a tough time.

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Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 9 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Ending

Sa-ra breaks down again and Ki-joon stays back as he continues to give her his support. As she cries into his arms, the two cannot look away from each other and end up kissing. The next day, Sa-ra wakes up with a decision that makes her keep the chess piece inside. She then walks into Ki-joon at Solution and tells him that she was emotional the previous night as the reason for her actions.

Ki-joon doesn’t get offended and tells her that he likes her being emotional. Later, Ki-joon goes to look for a driver related to the case and finds out that he is working for Chayul Firm. He then arrives at the driver’s house and finds the lock open, but there is no one inside. However, he finds a pair of expensive shoes that stand out in the house.

Meanwhile, the driver has gone to meet Cha Hui-won. Elsewhere, Sa-ra meets Young-a and politely rejects her offer after which she proceeds to ask for a favour. She then tells her about her situation with Yul-seong. Later, another box of flowers makes its way to Solution but this time everyone is surprised when Sa-ra doesn’t return the flowers.

Ki-joon questions her about the same and she tells him about Yul-seong asking to marry her. She has decided to return to Yul-seong’s house and implement the solution that she has planned for herself, but Ki-joon is not too happy about this decision.

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 9 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 9 Review

The rom-com is finally making its way to the finale week and we are excited as the plot grows significantly from this episode onwards. However, the highlight of this episode is definitely the kiss shared by the Sa-Ki couple which was a treat for fans of this show. Moreover, the sweetness spreads with the password and the chess piece and is only screaming out how these two need to get together already.

Meanwhile, the Yu-mi case is getting intricate and we can see that it isn’t just Yul-seong who is involved but also his mother. Maybe, this time’s remarriage with Yul-seong will at least guarantee Sa-ra a hefty alimony because some people are sure to find themselves in prison soon.

Altogether, the rom-com brings a pleasing sense of entertainment and intrigues us with what is to happen next.

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