“Queen of Divorce” Goals To Save People Trapped In Unhappy Marriage

Inquiries on divorce solution reservations for Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young are flooding in Queen of Divorce!

Queen of Divorce is billed as the story of a “bad spouse” punishment solution service company aiming to put an end to a troubled marriage life raised by a client.

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First, Lee Ji Ah plays the role of Kim Sara, the team leader of the divorce settlement company Solution. Sara, a former daughter-in-law of Korea’s top law firm, loses her everything overnight after being stabbed in the back by her husband.

Kang Ki Young plays the role of Dong Ki-joon, Sara’s business partner and an advisory lawyer in Solution. Ki-joon is a person who boasts extraordinary tenacity and tact to the point where he was nicknamed ‘shepherd” during his time as a prosecutor.

Predicting an exciting synergy, Queen of Divorce features the perfect cooperation of divorce solvers Sara and Ki-joon who are on a mission to help people suffering from divorce problems.

A New Take on Divorce Solution Story

The newly released poster flaunts the cool smiles of Kim Sara and Dong Ki-joon as they sit in the solution office and welcome clients. Their main goal is to save people who are trapped in a happy marriage complex and cannot end their hellish marriages, and to punish bad spouses. The confident smiles of two people with perfect physical ability, resourcefulness, and motivation are evidently displayed by the characters.

In particular, the wedding cake that falls to pieces with a single punch from divorcee Kim Sara draws attention. It reminds us of a marriage where pieces of cake bounce in all directions, and dolls of the bride and groom, who were once closest to each other are now infinitely far apart.

Sara, Ki-joon, and the solution team will use all their means and methods to smoothly resolve the couple’s relationship, which has split like a broken wedding cake. The phrase ‘Is divorce only legal?’ gives an idea of ​​Solution’s sales method. How will the Solution Team punish vicious spouses?

The production team of Queen of Divorce conveys the message of the series.

“We will look into the secret circumstances of a couple who will never be able to resolve their marriage within the confines of the law. We plan to present a new discourse between and divorce.”

Queen of Divorce premieres at 8:50 PM on January 31, 2024 on JTBC.

Source: Sports Donga