‘Queen of Tears’ Already in the Works Since 2010? Here’s What We Know

Following its victorious finale, fans still can’t get enough of the “Queen of Tears.” As the hype lives on, fans continue to discover interesting information about the drama.

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Park Ji Eun’s ‘Queen of Tears’ Domination

Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s “Queen of Tears” concluded with the highest viewership rating, making history and breaking records for tvN.

The creative mind behind its compelling script, Park Ji Eun, now holds the title of both the Most Viewed and the Second Most Viewed K-Dramas spots in tvN history with “Queen of Tears” and “Crash Landing on You.”

Queen of Tears
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However, despite its high ratings, some viewers are still not satisfied with the series’ ending and criticized it. They expressed their comments online and felt some of the tropes used in the record-breaking drama were “old school,” but not in the way they expected.

Others stated that they just watched the drama due to its brilliant cast. Someone applauded the team for bringing Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won as the leads of the drama.

Is It True? ‘Queen of Tears’ Copyright Already Registered by Park Ji Eun in 2010

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN)

As “Queen of Tears” is still one of the hottest topics on multiple media platforms, a Korean fan researched and found out that the “Queen of Tears” title was registered for copyright as early as 2010.

Netizens speculated that the script must have been in the works for over a decade already, that’s why it feels like an older K-drama that viewers enjoyed.

However, others did not believe that the “Queen of Tears” registered for copyright in 2010 was the same title viewers watched this 2024.

A fan decoded the information found online, according to the source, the 2010 K-drama “Queen of Reversals,” starring Kim Nam Joo, Jung Joon Ho, Park Si Hoo, and Chae Jung An, was initially titled “Queen of Tears,” which was also penned by Park Ji Eun.

Amazon described “Queen of Reversals” as the sequel to the series “Queen of Housewives,” which starred Kim Nam Joo as the careerwoman who once had everything, and Jung Joon Ho as her unlucky husband.

The year before, 2009, Park Ji Eun and veteran actress Kim Nam Joo worked in the series “Queen of Housewives.” It is a rom-com drama that follows the life of housewives who devote their entire lives to their husbands’ successes but with a more comedic twist.

Hence, after the fans’ research, the speculated registered copyright for the drama titled “Queen of Tears,” was different from the drama of the same title that just aired this 2024.

Some claimed that Park Ji Eun likely had copyrighted a multiple of K-dramas with “Queen of” titles.

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