‘Queen of Tears’ Alternate ‘Tragic’ Ending Leaked + Tombstone Photo Sparks Controversy

The conclusion of the tvN drama “Queen of Tears” has stirred both celebration and controversy among viewers, with its record-breaking viewership overshadowed by speculation about its intended ending.

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From the outset, “Queen of Tears” hinted at a tragic conclusion due to the terminal illness of protagonist Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won), leaving fans braced for an emotional rollercoaster.

Surprising Twist, Hopeful Endings, Discrepancies: ‘Queen of Tears’ Said To Be Originally Have A Sad Ending

Despite early indications, the final moments of the series painted a more optimistic picture, with Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) depicted walking with their daughter, suggesting a longer life together.

However, astute viewers noticed discrepancies in the epilogue, raising questions about the true fate of the characters and the possibility of alternate endings.

Leaked Images Spark Speculation of ‘Queen of Tears’ Tragic Ending

The circulation of a leaked image purportedly showing Hae In’s original tombstone, indicating an earlier demise in 2034, has fueled speculation about the drama’s intended trajectory.

'Queen of Tears' Supposed 'Tragic' Ending Leaked: Tombstone Photo Sparks Controversy
‘Queen of Tears’ Supposed ‘Tragic’ Ending Leaked: Tombstone Photo Sparks Controversy
(Photo : v.daum.)

Drawing parallels to previous works by scriptwriter Park Ji Eun, such as Crash Landing on You, fans speculate whether “Queen of Tears” may have had multiple endings filmed, with the final choice leaving some viewers divided.

Here’s what netizens are saying:

  • My plans for this weekend were to catch up on “best choice ever,” but today I only managed to watch the episode of “queen of tears.”
  • that’s why germany as unforgettable and memorable moment for them esp soohyun
  • Most memorable place for the couple
  • Why do I cry everytime I see this. I need years to recover from this drama

Opinions on the potential alternative ending vary, with some arguing for a more emotionally resonant conclusion, while others appreciate the closure provided by the aired finale.

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