Queen of Tears’ Ep 15 Special Preview Disappoints Fans With Slow Pacing as the Drama Nears Finale: ‘Zero Growth’

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On April 25th, fans of the popular drama “Queen of Tears” were given a glimpse into the upcoming 15th episode through a preview released on the “tvN drama” YouTube channel.

However, instead of excitement, the preview left many viewers expressing frustration over the show’s pacing.

A Glimpse into Turbulent Relationships

The preview showcased a significant moment between protagonists Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) and Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun).

Hae-in’s visit to Hyun-woo in prison revealed her conflicted emotions about his past actions, setting the stage for further turbulence in their relationship.

With the recent storyline revolving around Hae-in’s memory loss and Hyun-woo’s entanglement in a murder investigation, viewers have been eagerly awaiting significant developments.

However, as the series progresses towards its conclusion, some have criticized the slow pace of plot progression.

Audience Discontent: Calls for Swift Resolution

Discontent among viewers has been palpable on online forums, with many expressing disbelief over the apparent lack of progress in key plotlines.

Calls for a swift resolution to certain story arcs have become increasingly vocal, as fans yearn for more substantial developments in the narrative.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

Only two more episodes left and there’s zero growth in the main characters’ relationship!.

Are we really going to get just 2 minutes of happy ending, while the rest is all about Yoon Eunseong and his psychotic brain? Plus, there’s still so many questions unanswered!

This kdrama got me hooked. Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes…but sad that it’s ending soon.

My weekend is BOOKED! Staying home to watch the finale.

The veterans in the drama did interview also saying Jiwon and Soohyun are why the drama did so good

Despite criticisms regarding its pacing, “Queen of Tears” continues to draw in record-breaking viewership ratings for tvN dramas, currently standing at an impressive 21.6%.

As the show approaches its climax, there is heightened anticipation among fans regarding whether it can strike the delicate balance between resolving its plotlines and delivering a satisfying conclusion.

Awaiting Resolution: Fans Brace Themselves for Final Episodes

As viewers brace themselves for the final episodes, the fate of their beloved characters hangs in the balance.

 With the show’s resolution looming, fans eagerly await the culmination of the intricate storyline and the fulfillment of their hopes for a satisfying conclusion to “Queen of Tears.”

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