Queen of Tears Episode 12 Preview: When, Where and How To Watch 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Preview: The new romantic comedy K-drama follows the lives of an influential couple, known as the ‘couple of the century’, who face multiple marital problems but there seems to be only one solution- falling in love! As they face a crisis, they realise how well they work together, leading them to stay together against all odds.

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Queen of Tears (눈물의 여왕) is the new romantic comedy that began airing on 9th March 2024 on tvN as well as on Netflix in selected regions. The 16-episode series stars popular and talented actors, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo and Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in along with Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young, Kwak Dong-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Jung-nan and others.   

The romantic drama is written by Park Ji-eun, the mastermind behind popular dramas like Crash Landing On YouMy Love From the Stars and The Producers and directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Preview

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Preview 

The preview begins with Hyun-woo exclaiming that he is close to finding the secret fund and there is a scene where there is a vault opening and the family rejoices! On the other hand, Hyun-woo and Hae-in are enjoying their time as a couple. They even cuddle and cook together in an apartment – making us say ‘aww’. Da-hye, on the other hand, seems to be protecting her child as someone zeroes in on them and Soo-cheol screams her name while running. 

Hae-in gets more frightened as illusions and reality mesh together. She meets with Eun-sung who tells her that he loved her first, many years ago – explains it with her necklace. Will Hae-in be able to find Hyun-woo? Can Hyun-woo help Hae-in as she gets frazzled about her life? 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 PreviewQueen of Tears Episode 12 Preview

Queen of Tears Episode 11 Recap 

Hae-in walks towards Hyun-woo, but suddenly finds herself in an illusion and falls into his arms. She regrets not having the chance to express her love to him and apologize to her family. Hae-in’s family and Hyun-woo’s parents rush to the hospital and discover Hae-in’s illness.

Soo-cheol blames himself for Hae-in’s sickness. He informs the family and doctors while Hae-in confesses her love to Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo cries and hugs her, telling her that she will not die because he cannot live without her. Soo-cheol tells his mother to meet Hae-in but guilt stops her and she sits at the emergency stairs, crying her heart out. Hyun-woo goes to see her and she tells him that it is all her fault. Hearing that, Hae-in walks in and tells her to stop blaming herself. Her mother holds her and apologises for causing her pain over the years. 

On the other hand, the conference caused a big loss to Sol-hee and Eun-sung’s company. They require a big fund to fill in for the stocks but they cannot find his secret fund – which the Hong family is also on the lookout for. In the evening, Hae-in and Hyun-woo spend time together in the hospital garden when other people take pictures of her. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 PreviewQueen of Tears Episode 12 Preview

Frustrated at being seen as a person in love with her ex-husband, she asks him to be lovey-dovey in front of them. Adhering to her request, he does it all – making her heart flutter and smile like teenagers in love. On the way back, Eun-sung meets with them and Hae-in takes him aside to talk to him. She finds out about the status of the company and he also tells her that he wants her back. 

She rejects him and tells him that his idea of love is wrong because he did something similar when they were in university together. He gets agitated and shouts at her that if she just loved him back, he would not need to take such measures. Later, he meets with Hyun-woo and tells him that he can name his price – anything that will get him Hae-in. Frustrated at his behaviour, Hyun-woo tries to walk away but Eun-sung tries to manhandle him – causing the boxer in Hyun-woo to come about and punch him. 

The next day, Hyun-woo attends the internal committee meeting regarding his position in the company when his lawyer friends enter with ample evidence that makes Hyun-woo look innocent. While it does not keep him off the hook, it is enough to make the committee re-examine their evidence. While leaving, they come across Eun-sung. Hyun-woo coolly walks away from him – making Eun-sung enraged. He calls the broker and tells him to get rid of Hyun-woo – which he will pay by sending the broker away. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 PreviewQueen of Tears Episode 12 Preview

Sol-hee takes the Chairman to a new house surrounded by bodyguards. She demands he give her the money he has hidden away while Grace Goh overhears everything from outside the room. Hyun-woo evades a broker who is following him while policemen are around. Both families meet at a restaurant where they discuss Hae-in’s health. Hae-in enjoys her time blissfully with her love and her family.

Hae-in asks Hyun-woo to dry her hair with a broken hairdryer and shares her illness symptoms. She tells him to leave when she worsens. The next day, the Hong family and Hyun-woo visit a storage space to find the Chairman’s fund. Eun-sung finds a letter addressed to the Chairman. Hyun-woo cuts all communication and they search the space but the main item is missing. They manage to escape the place in time. Hyun-woo and Hae-in walk away from them to have dinner together. He tells her to wait while he brings the car since it is raining. 

Hyun-woo comes back and takes her to the car instead. While driving, she notices another car following her. He drives quicker but the other car cuts and stops them. Hyun-woo walks out from the other car and Hae-in gets confused. She can see two Hyun-woos – one in the car and one outside. The Hyun-woo outside screams her name and she realises that the person in the car is Eun-sung. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 PreviewQueen of Tears Episode 12 Preview

Queen of Tears is streaming on Netflix.

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