Queen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions: Netizens Moved by Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s Adorable Relationship

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions: Queen of Tears (눈물의 여왕) is a romantic comedy that began airing on 9th March 2024 on tvN as well as on Netflix in selected regions. The 16-episode series stars the popular and talented actors, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo and Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, along with Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young, Kwak Dong-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Jung-nan and others. 

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The romantic drama is written by Park Ji-eun, the mastermind behind popular dramas like Crash Landing On YouMy Love From the Stars and The Producers and directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions

Queen of Tears Plot 

Hong Hae-in is a chaebol heiress, known as the ‘queen’ of Queens Group Department Stores while Baek Hyun-woo, her husband, is the legal director of the conglomerate and known as the ‘supermarket prince’. Hong Hae-in is described as a cold and calculated woman while Baek Hyun-woo is warm-hearted and emotional. 

A marriage between an influential woman and an entry-level employee is dubbed the ‘wedding of the century’ and is nothing but a facade. Belonging to two different worlds, the couple could not overcome their differences but a big crisis brings these two together. Soon, they realise that maybe being different from one another is not so bad after all.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 ReactionsQueen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Recap 

The episode takes us back to the scene where Eun-sung appears in front of Hae-in. This time, we see Eun-sung’s point of view and how he enjoys her company – even though he is being mistaken for Hyun-woo. When the real Hyun-woo brings her back to reality, she tells Eun-sung to unlock the door – who tells her how will she tell Hyun-woo about her issue? 

She gets out of the car and tells Hyun-woo that she wants to go back with Eun-sung so that she can meet with her grandfather. Suspicious about the situation, he has no choice but to be okay with her decision. Da-hye gets a visit from her son’s father and he declares to her that he has used Soo-cheol as a scapegoat. Worried for him, she tries to talk him out of it but the guy does not care for her reasons. 

Hyun-woo, on the other hand, finds himself injured in his car. The broker appears and puts a coal briquette in his car as well as keeps a syringe filled with poison near his neck. Hyun-woo calmly explains how the broker will go for attempted murder instead of fraud because he will be taking Eun-sung’s blame on his head. 

Eun-sung prepares a beautiful table lousy with flowers for Hae-in and brings her favourite food as well as wine. Hae-in goes to her room, changes clothes and meets him in the dining room. She remains cold with him, making him feel agitated. He shows her the necklace that he keeps on his neck and tells her that he saved her when they were children. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 ReactionsQueen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions

Later, she goes to meet her grandfather and breaks down when he does not recognise her. She leaves him the pen that he gave her when she made CEO – telling him that he should record whenever he remembers something and walks away with a heavy heart. 

Hae-in runs out of the house but she cannot remember how to leave. Right then, Hyun-woo walks in front of her but she thinks it is an illusion again. He holds her face and talks, making her understand that he is real and in front of her. Eun-sung watches the whole scene unfold on CCTV cameras and calls the broker angrily for not following the plan. 

Hae-in and Hyun-woo reach his apartment and they share funny yet romantic moments as he cooks for her unabashedly, she admits that she will marry him no matter how many times she is reborn. Blushing at her words, he silently sips water but feels warm at her words. 

Hyun-woo and Hae-in stop at a scenic spot where Hyun-woo tells her that anyone who proposes here has lived a loving life together. He gives her a ring and tells her that while he cannot remarry her but wants her to take back the divorce. Feeling giddy for a second, she looks lovingly at him and brings herself back to reality – rejecting his proposal. 

She tells him how bad her situation has become and she does not want him to be around when she is worse. She sits in the car and breaks down while Hyun-woo cries, looking at the scenic view. Viewers get to know another shocking secret – the Chairman has not been taking any of the medication but rather pretending to fool Sol-hee. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 ReactionsQueen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions

Like clockwork, the Chairman goes to hide the medication when Sol-hee finds him and shows her real side. She tells him that he can go back to his children if he tells her where the money is kept. Later, he wakes up alone in his bed, takes the pen left by Hae-in and makes a serious decision – to take his life. He throws himself off the stairs. 

The next day, the Hong family go to see him when they see an ambulance. Seeing the Chairman’s lifeless body, Beom-ja and Hae-in’s father break down. Soo-cheol tries to get him to wake up but to no avail. 

The family gather for his funeral and when they go to the house, Hyun-woo gets ready to fight Sol-hee tooth and nail but she lets them in the house. They get into the Chairman’s elevator and Hyun-woo finds the button hidden in the handle. He presses it and the back door opens, leading them to a room. 

Queen of Tears Episode 12 ReactionsQueen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions

Queen of Tears Episode 12 Reactions  

Queen of Tears is streaming on Netflix.

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