‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 13: Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won Enjoy Newlywed Life for 2nd Time Around

Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) and Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won) spent more time together like a newlywed couple to create memories in “Queen of Tears” Episode 13.

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‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 13: Baek Hyun Woo Receives News About Hong Hae In’s Surgery

The episode began when the Hong family and Baek Hyun Woo found the Chairman’s secret room.

Unfortunately, it was already empty as Yoon Eun Sung (Park Sung Hoon) and Sul Hee moved the money to a safe place.

Hong’s family went to Sul Hee and was surprised that she wanted to live in the same place with them, yet they agreed.

Meanwhile, as Hae In looked for the pen her grandfather gave her, she also found an emotional message from him, making her cry.

Queen of Tears
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Elsewhere, Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In shared a tear-jerking conversation as she told him that after her funeral, all of them would leave her and would end up alone.

Despite being sad for her, he tried to console her.

Back at Yongdu Ri, while Hyun Woo and Hae In’s fathers were drinking, Hyun Woo received a call from a specialist in Germany. They delivered the news about a life-saving surgery that could save Hae In’s life, but the only side effect would be that she may lose all her memories.

He shared the news with the fathers, and they advised him to keep it a secret because she would refuse to do it.

Queen of Tears
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They spread the news to the whole family and decided to celebrate, while Hae In was confused. She asked Hyun Woo a lot of questions about the surgery, which made her happy.

However, minutes later, she broke down and Hyun Woo was quick to comfort her.

Baek Hyun Woo, Hong Hae In Act as Newlyweds

The following day, after they slept together, Hong Hae In planned to spend the whole day with Baek Hyun Woo. The two showed their fondness for each other and took several pictures and spent every minute full of love.

Queen of Tears - Kim Ji Won
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In the middle of their date, Hae In said that since she would be leaving, she would reveal three secrets.

First, the story of the pink MP3 player shocked Hyun Woo. But Hae In was surprised when her ex-husband told her what she wore that day.

Moved by his explanation, the two then shared a heartwarming scene.

Hae In was busy staining her nails with balsam and showed it to Hyun Woo. She also ignited his jealousy by randomly mentioning the “bus guy.”

After their sweet moments, the two found a way to trick Eun Sung about the secret fund.

Queen of Tears Still - Kim Soo Hyun
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On the other hand, Grace Go visited Hae In and Hyun Woo’s mothers to get information, where she learned about Hae In’s upcoming surgery. She relayed the news to Eun Sung and Sul Hee.

Elsewhere, Hae In decided to stay with Hyun Woo, and her parents looked happy for her.

Later on, she had an emotional moment with her mother and received an apology from her.

Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In returned to their apartment and decided to live as newlyweds.

Hong Hae In Tries to Escape Surgery After Knowing Its Side Effect

The next day, Eun Sung discussed Hae In’s surgery with Hyun Woo, and the latter warned him not to mention the side effect to her.

Meanwhile, Hae In strolled around the department store with Secretary Na and got the shopping experience as a customer. She used the chance to think of the ways she could do to experience better for the customer.

In the evening, while the couple was in a Christmas set place, Hae In reveals that Hyun Woo was the “bus guy,” which confused him, but looked elated after knowing that he was Hae In’s first love.

Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won
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The couple went to Germany for the surgery, and Eun Sung secretly followed them.

There, Hyun Woo revealed the side effect to Hae In and was shocked by his words. She ended up running away, but Hyun Woo stopped her and told her to choose to live.