‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 14: Did Kim Ji Won Remember Kim Soo Hyun After Surgery?

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Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won) finally decided to get the surgery in Germany. But did she recognize Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) after the operation?

Here’s what happened in “Queen of Tears” Episode 14.

‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 14: Baek Hyun Woo Struggles To Covince Hong Hae In to Do Surgery

After a flashback from their honeymoon days, Hong Hae In learned about the side effect of the surgery and walked away.

Elsewhere, Yoon Eun Sung flew to Germany despite his mother’s disapproval.

Queen of Tears Still - Kim Soo Hyun
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Hae In found Baek Hyun Woo praying. She and told him to stop as she already made her decision. Her fiance then kept quiet.

The two went out for a walk and talked about their past days. She tried to make him understand that she needed those memories but Hyun Woo cared more about her staying alive.

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Meanwhile, back at the Yongduri, Hae In’s family tried to convince her for the surgery in many ways but failed. She then heard them crying for her, making her feel sad at the state of her loved ones.

Hong Hae In Spends More Time With Baek Hyun Woo in Germany

In Germany, they went to the doctor and advised Hyun Woo to start the preparation soon as as possible. He went to tell Hae In but she was nowhere to be found. He looked for her everywhere only to find her at the church and saw her written prayers.

The two shared a tearful moment together.

‘Queen of Tears’
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Hyun Woo tried to use his tactics on Hae In and she kept fighting with him to act like himself, but he didn’t listen and continued his antics. Yoon Eun Sung walked in and saw the two acting like teenagers in love, causing him to be jealous.

Later on, Hyun Woo got a call from his friend, telling him that the broker was dead, causing him to worry.

Grace Go, on the other hand, learned Sul Hee’s plan to get rid of Hae In and anyone else in her way. For some reason, she felt worried. She called Hyun Woo, but only left him a mysterious message.

Hyun Woo then went out to see if Hae In was safe. Instead, he saw their car on fire. He tried to save her as he pleaded, crying for her. Suddenly, Hae In called his name, revealing that she had earlier got out of the car.

Hyun Woo couldn’t believe his eyes and sobbed in her arms. Relieved to see her, he struggled to compose himself.

Hong Hae In Decides To Do Surgery + Baek Hyun Woo Arrested for Murder

At the hospital, after seeing Hyun Woo in a distraught state, Hae In decided to do the surgery. Hearing it made Hyun Woo tear up and elated. He also promised to be by her side no matter what.

Queen of Tears - Kim Ji Won
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Meanwhile, the couple’s family in Korea waited for the news and looked worried for their Hae In. Before the surgery, the duo spent more time together. Hyun Woo waited outside the operating room and broke down.

At that time, the police came and arrested him for the broker’s murder and saw Eun Sung. He was then brought to jail, while Eun Sung took his place. Hae In saw him first when she woke up.

It turned out that she lost all her memories and Yoon Eun Sung introduced himself. He talked about Hyun Woo as though she divorced him over his problematic behavior and was currently in the cell for it.

She was struggling to get to know him but mentioned Baek Hyun Woo’s name first. They saw the first snow and Hyun Woo cried for her while he was in prison.

Hong Hae In saw her balsam-stained nail and felt emotions, but did not understand herself.

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