“Queen Of Tears” Episode 14 Recap

Losing her memories and living as a completely different person is more terrifying to our chaebol’s queen than death. Still, with her beloved husband by her side, desperately trying to save her, our queen musters up the courage and goes through the surgery.

It is all going smoothly until our resident antagonist makes a move and tears our leads apart, so he can pull another one of his schemes.

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Queen of Tears

Queen Of Tears Episode 14 Highlights

“I have lived as myself, and I’ll die as such”

Instead of living as an empty shell who remembers nothing and thinks of her husband as a stranger, Hae-in prefers dying as herself with her memories intact. It isn’t that Hae-in doesn’t want to live. Yet the most precious gifts in her life are the memories of loving and being loved. So, Hae-in wants to cherish these memories till her last breath. And while we can’t blame either party for their decision, it hurts to see Hae-in and Hyun-woo facing this harsh situation.

Coming across Hae-in sobbing her eyes out in secret after a video call with her family, Hyun-woo takes her in his arms, and they cry together. If Hae-in loses her memories of him, Hyun-woo promises to act cute again and make her heart race like he did in the past. Even if Hae-in doesn’t fall for him again, Hyun-woo will stay by her side no matter what. So, Hae-in should stop thinking of dying as Hyun-woo is scared it will become true.

“Are you acting freely since we haven’t registered our marriage?”

With crying and pleading not working for Hae-in, Hyun-woo settles to use a different strategy, getting under Hae-in’s skin and stirring up her jealousy. Since Hae-in is choosing to die, Hyun-woo will make it unbearable for Hae-in to leave him behind. Didn’t Hae-in say before that if she dies, Hyun-woo will be the biggest waste? So, let’s see how long she can keep stubborn. This guy knows what he is doing because this method totally works at getting Hae-in baffled.

“You look sexy with your sleeves rolled up, you are cute when you are drunk, and you make others want to hug you when you are crying.”

What does the trick though is Hae-in seeing for herself how recklessly Hyun-woo will act if she dies. Seeing how Eun-seong is hung up on Hae-in that he even follows her to Germany, the mistress decides to take matters into her own hands and help her son focus on what is important. She sends over some hitmen to stage a crash into Hae-in’s car and make it look like an accident.

Dumbfounded, Hyun-woo breaks the window glass open with his bare hands so he can get Hae-in out before the car explodes. Yet, he finds the car empty. Fortunately, Hae-in shows up in the nick of time to save Hyun-woo from being the one dying from the explosion. Luckily, she stepped out of the car briefly before the crash, so nothing happened to her.

Hyun-woo can barely utter a word from the shock but is relieved Hae-in is safe. Seeing how far Hyun-woo will go for her even to the point of putting his life in danger, Hae-in has a change of heart. You know how women will line up to seduce Hyun-woo after Hae-in’s death. And this is one thing she can’t allow. So, instead of turning in her grave, Hae-in will get the surgery and stay by Hyun-woo’s side.

“I am going to be like a newly hatched duckling. I’ll trust whomever I see first.”

After making Hyun-woo promise to be the first person she sees after she wakes up, Hae-in goes into the operating room. But unfortunately, no thanks to Eun-seong framing Hyun-woo for a murder he committed to cover his tracks, Hyun-woo gets arrested by Interpol.

The one Hae-in opens her eyes to see is Eun-seong, shamelessly claiming they were in love during their college days but parted ways and got reunited recently. Eun-seong then unabashedly tells Hae-in that she was married but got divorced after her husband deceived her. He even has the nerve to claim that Hyun-woo stalked Hae-in before getting arrested for being a murder suspect.

Her mind might not remember Hyun-woo, but Hae-in’s heart for sure does. The first name Hae-in uttered after waking up was Hyun-woo’s name, which she kept mumbling to herself so she wouldn’t forget it. We end this eventful week with the first snow in Germany. And though our leads watch it separately, they are in each other’s hearts.

Queen Of Tears Episode 14 Musings

What an intense week. I thought the terminal illness arc would be dragged out till the finale, but I am glad it was dealt with early on so that Hae-in’s recovery will take enough time and be covered properly without rushing things over. Still, Hyun-woo sobbing his eyes out in front of the OR and the montage of Hae-in’s memories of Hyun-woo getting burned off was really painful to watch.

As if our leads weren’t going through enough trouble, this unredeemable Eun-seong showed up with another scheme and tried to brainwash Hae-in to steal her from Hyun-woo. I have already deemed Eun-seong a lost cause, but each week he has a new low he stoops to.

With only one week left, I desperately wish we could bid Eun-seong farewell as soon as possible so we can relish in how Hae-in will fall in love again with Hyun-woo, despite the memory loss, and hopefully get some more sweet romance between our leads to make up for all the tears we shed this week.

Will Hae-in and Hyun-woo rediscover the genuine romance that initially bind them in Queen of Tears? Find out on weekends on tvN! International fans can watch it on Netflix!

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