‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 2: Kim Ji Won Surprised by Kim Soo Hyun’s Changed Behavior

Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) had a sudden shift of behavior towards his wife Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won), after learning of her condition in “Queen of Tears” Episode 2.

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‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 2: Baek Hyun Woo Discovers Hong Hae In’s Illness

Queen of Tears - Kim Ji Won
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Episode 2 picked up from the scene where Hong Hae In found out that she only had three months to live due to her tumor called Cloud Cytoma, a rare condition. She then informed Baek Hyun Woo about this, which forced him to hide his decision to divorce her. Instead, he confessed his love for his wife. 

The next morning, Hyun Woo woke up in a good mood, thinking he could part ways with her without divorce. But he tried to change his mood and decided to be closer to Hae In. 

On the other hand, Hong Hae In refused to tell her illness to her family as they would just want to take over her assets. Her brother, Hong Soo Cheol (Kwak Dong Yeon), got into trouble with his grandfather as he overpaid 8 billion KRW in taxes, which Hyun Woo caught.

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This caused him to have a panic attack, and his mother went on a warpath towards Hyun Woo, but Hae In was able to stop her from making a scene. 

Hong Hae In Surprised by Baek Hyun Woo’s Sweet Gestures

Queen of Tears Still - Kim Soo Hyun
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Elsewhere, Baek Hyun Woo told her friend Kim Yang Ki (Moon Tae Yoo) about his situation and gave him advice. After this, Hyun Woo made hilarious acts in front of his wife, from peeling shrimp to warming her hands. He doted on his dying wife. 

Hong Hae In, on the other hand, was surprised by Hyun Woo’s changed behavior, and stopped him from being so dramatic.

Queen of Tears - Kim Ji Won
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During family dinner, Hae In once again had a fight with her mother due to the lawsuit against her department store.

Luckily, Hyun Woo was able to chime in and get Hae In out of the situation. Hae In got suspicious of Hyun Woo’s behavior and confronted him for his acts.

Queen of Tears
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Amid the clash in the family, Hong Hae In found peace with Hyun Woo, who was in search of a cure to her illness. Since then, she became closer to him.

Later on, she attended the opening of Hercyna, the store she had been wanting to open in her department store. She accidentally met her ex-boyfriend Yoon Eun Sung (Park Sung Hoon), who happened to be the right-hand man of Hercyna’s CEO.

She also met her rival, who made fun of her for not having Hyun Woo around. She called him to come, but he was in the middle of a trial.

A few minutes later, he appeared, and she proudly introduced him around. 

Baek Hyun Woo Clashes With Yoon Eun Sung

'Queen of Tears' Stills
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Eun Sung introduced himself to Hyun Woo and confessed about his past relationship with her.

Hyun Woo seemed unbothered at first. Even though he said that he felt nothing, seeing the ex-couple together made him jealous.

Interestingly, Yoon Eun Sung was invited to the family hunt. With the secret smiles exchanged, Hyun Woo felt left out. 

In the middle of the hunt, Eun Sung and Hyun Woo had an intense conversation.

Hong Hae In, on the other hand, who was hunting felt a sudden shift of environment again. She was hallucinating that a boar was coming towards her, only to find out that it was true.

Thankfully, Baek Hyun Woo came to save her.