Queen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions: Netizens Feel Hyun-woo’s Love For Hae-in

Queen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions: Queen of Tears (눈물의 여왕) is a romantic comedy that began airing on 9th March 2024 on tvN as well as on Netflix in selected regions. The 16-episode series stars the popular and talented actors, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo and Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, along with Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young, Kwak Dong-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Jung-nan and others. 

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The romantic drama is written by Park Ji-eun, the mastermind behind popular dramas like Crash Landing On YouMy Love From the Stars and The Producers and directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won. 

Queen of Tears Plot 

Hong Hae-in is a chaebol heiress, known as the ‘queen’ of Queens Group Department Stores while Baek Hyun-woo, her husband, is the legal director of the conglomerate and known as the ‘supermarket prince’. Hong Hae-in is described as a cold and calculated woman while Baek Hyun-woo is warm-hearted and emotional. 

A marriage between an influential woman and an entry-level employee is dubbed the ‘wedding of the century’ and is nothing but a facade. Belonging to two different worlds, the couple could not overcome their differences but a big crisis brings these two together. Soon, they realise that maybe being different from one another is not so bad after all.

Queen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions

Queen of Tears Episode 7 Recap 

The episode continues from the last one and Hae-in is completely broken. She constantly asks him to deny the accusation and to tell her that her family is wrong. Stumped at the sudden accusation, Hyun-woo accepts his blame. Hae-in feels many emotions simultaneously – mainly hurt at Hyun-woo’s betrayal. She walks away from him and while he tries to stop her, she does not listen to him. 

The emotions trigger another episode and she finds herself in front of an intersection, she stops in front of a truck and gets saved in time by Hyun-woo. He screams at her for not being careful and she just says one thing calmly which shakes Hyun-woo completely – ‘Next time, something like this happens, don’t save me.’ 

The doctor tells him that if she does not have the will to live, no amount of medicine or treatment will help her. She needs to have the hope and courage to live again. This strikes a plan in him. He irks her by telling her that he wants to get rid of her. He constantly berates her and pokes the sleeping bear within her. She takes the spark as a chance to see him with all she has got. 

While he hates the way he has to keep her alive, he decides to do everything in his power to save her – even if it means she hates him with every fibre in her being. As soon as they come back to South Korea, they find out that Soo-cheol has gone ahead with the resort park construction with Eun-sung. The Hong family gather to talk about the divorce and she makes sure that she is not letting him go easily. Satisfied with her reaction, she walks away from the table. 

Hyun-woo talks to his grandfather-in-law and the latter gets furious at his actions. Hyun-woo brings evidence out regarding the embezzlement charges, alerting Eun-sung who sees everything on a hidden camera. Grace Goh and Eun-sung move Director Jo from the country. 

Queen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions: Netizens Feel Hyun-woo’s Love For Hae-inQueen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions: Netizens Feel Hyun-woo’s Love For Hae-in

In another scene, Hyun-woo asks Hae-in to maintain some distance from Eun-sung. When asked why, he tells her that during the hunting accident, he found Eun-sung had removed the footage from the data-retrieving company. Hae-in confidently tells him that she is not fooled by anyone to which Hyun-woo tells her that she did get fooled by him so she should be careful. 

The next day, it is obvious that Hae-in is on a warpath. She dresses to the nines and keeps her anger buried deep within her. She tries to make Hyun-woo’s life a living hell but he enjoys that she is taking her time and effort to remain this angry. He sends documents and she rejects them, which happens time and again. She also keeps an eye on him to see if he has any mistress but rather finds out that he makes payments to employees of the company in her name. 

Even her father gets puzzled by Hyun-woo’s day-to-day schedule. He does not waste a penny and spends his nights doing different sports activities like baseball in batting cages or running around in an elementary school. He finds it surprising that he has his dinners alone and does things on his own. 

Later, Eun-sung meets with Hae-in regarding the construction of the store and other business-related talks. Keeping Hyun-woo’s words in mind, she asks him what he wants from her since she does not want to owe him anything. He boldly asks her to divorce Hyun-woo and to be the one to replace him. Offended by the request, she walks away from him but experiences a rushing migraine. She tries to find her medicine but Eun-sung keeps it hidden with him. 

In the next scene, we find out a shocking fact – Mo Seul-hee is Eun-sung’s mother. With Grace Goh, Seul-hee, Da-hye and now Eun-sung, the Hong family will be left to smithereens by these people. With a dream to take over everything the Hong family has, they work hard to create seeds of doubt for each other through subtle gestures. But it is also obvious that Seul-hee and Eun-sung do not share a good relationship. All he wants is revenge on the Hong family but the reason remains unknown. 

Queen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions: Netizens Feel Hyun-woo’s Love For Hae-inQueen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions: Netizens Feel Hyun-woo’s Love For Hae-in

The episode ends with a shocking scene. Hyun-woo sees Hae-in staring at a cat near the house during the pouring rain. He stops the car and shields her from the rain. She gets up and covers the cat with her umbrella. He asks her why she is standing outside in the rain and she does not realise it herself. Her mannerisms change as she smiles at him and talks about going to Germany to get the treatment. 

He stares at her in shock as he realises that she does not remember their time in Germany and all the things that transpired after that. Sad and scared at the progression of her illness, he holds her and cries as a clueless Hae-in thinks he is just worried about her normally. Here are the Queen of Tears episode 7 reactions for you to see. 

Queen of Tears Episode 7 Reactions

Queen of Tears is streaming on Netflix.

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