Queen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-Hyun Rescues Kim Ji-won’s Family

Queen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review: In the last episode, Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) and Hae-in (Kim Ji-won) get divorced, with the help of Song Joong-ki’s popular character Vincenzo as he was Hae-in’s lawyer. While the two have feelings for each other, they cannot help but worry for the other person. Even divorce could not stop them from constantly checking on each other. 

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On the other hand, Eun-sung gets obsessive over Hae-in after finding pills in her bag. After being dismissed as a potential partner, he accelerates his plan to throw out the Hong family from the Queens Group. Hyun-woo and Beom-ja find the connection between Eun-sung and Sol-hee. They try to warn the Chairman but it is too late – Sol-hee puts him in a medically induced coma and shows her true colours to the family. The episode ends with the Hong family losing their house, company, and stocks to Eun-sung and Sol-hee. 

Queen of Tears (눈물의 여왕) is the romantic comedy that began airing on 9th March 2024 on tvN as well as on Netflix in selected regions. The 16-episode series stars popular and talented actors, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo and Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in along with Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young, Kwak Dong-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Jung-nan and others.   

The romantic drama is written by Park Ji-eun, the mastermind behind popular dramas like Crash Landing On YouMy Love From the Stars and The Producers and directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won. 

Queen of Tears Episode 9

– Queen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review Contains Spoilers –

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Queen of Tears Episode 9 Recap 

The episode starts with the Hong family heading to their house when they find multiple people protesting. Scared to enter their home, they go via the back entrance, as suggested by Grace Goh. Setting a trap for them with the hidden photographers, Grace Goh lures them and takes away their cars and house. She behaves rudely with them and before the photographers can take any pictures, Hyun-woo rushes in a van to rescue them. 

The family heads to Hyun-woo’s hometown with a little protest but Hyun-woo’s priority remains with protecting Hae-in and her family. We move back to the scene where both families meet. The fathers awkwardly greet each other while Hae-in’s mother protests to go back but steps into cow dung. Surprised at the situation, she almost falls but Hyun-woo’s mother saves her. Feeling embarrassed at the situation, they thank Hyun-woo’s family for opening their doors to them. 

Hyun-woo and Hae-in talk about their situation and the latter feels uncomfortable about being indebted to her ex-husband. Feeling hurt by her statement, Hyun-woo shakes it off and tells her that he will be selfish till she is better and can handle things on her own. Their conversation feels cold but one can see the immense love they have for each other. 

Queen of Tears Episode 9Queen of Tears Episode 9

The families’ interaction seems extremely hilarious as Hae-in’s family feel out of place in Hyun-woo’s home as his family live a quiet and rustic life. They sit down to eat but Soo-cheol acts prissy regarding food and water when Hae-in loses it and hits him for acting like a brat. As Hyun-woo’s family has never seen her act out in such a manner, they look shocked and are rendered speechless. Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s father continue their awkward conversations when the former extends his gratitude to the latter for being open and welcoming. 

Soo-cheol expresses his frustration and sadness to Hyun-woo regarding Da-hye and Eun-sung’s betrayal. He does not seem to grasp the situation well as he feels the hurt of losing his wife and son unexpectedly. Hyun-woo feels sad for him as Soo-cheol is nursing a broken heart over the loss of his financial status. 

In the meantime, Sol-hee and Eun-sung talk about their future in the Hong house when Eun-sung asks her why she would throw the family out of the house. He tells her that keeping them close will benefit them as they have not completed their plan but Sol-hee vehemently disagrees. He gets agitated over her attitude and talks about their past. He announces to her that just as she chose the Hong family over him, he too will make a similar choice. 

Hae-in listens to the songs on the pink MP3 player when she notices that the songs are all her favourites. Right then, Hyun-woo texts her and they share a short but sweet conversation. She asks about the MP3 player and he tells her how he found it. She soon understands that the MP3 player is hers and she feels giddy at the thought of them being fated to love. 

Queen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-Hyun Rescues Kim Ji-won’s FamilyQueen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-Hyun Rescues Kim Ji-won’s Family

She asks about the owner of the MP3 and Hyun-woo mistakes it as a question laced with jealousy so he feigns that he does not remember the person or the incident well. Feeling sad that he does not remember her, she goes to sleep without replying to him. In the morning, he enters the room to shut the drapes when he notices her sleeping. They share a sweet moment before he leaves for work. 

Hae-in wakes up and asks Hyun-woo’s mother if she needs help. His mother tells her to cut the carrot but she is unable to so she shows her. Impressed with her skills, she compliments her ex-mother-in-law, eliciting laughter. Hae-in’s mother enters then and sees the scene unfold. Feeling jealous and unable to accept it, she walks out. 

Hyun-woo meets with Eun-sung at the Queens Group building and he tries to act nice when the latter asks him to drop the act. Resigning to his cold behaviour, he tells Eun-sung that he needs a month before he can leave the place. Eun-sung allows it and asks him about Hae-in. Feigning ignorance, Hyun-woo tells him that he has no idea. Eun-sung does not believe but lets it go. Grace Goh tries to tell Sol-hee about her future plans but the latter dismisses it. She then goes to Eun-sung but he tells her to leave the country immediately – crushing her dreams. 

Hyun-woo finds the person who holds the hunting incident video clip and when handing him the litigation notice, the person hands over the copy. Hyun-woo and his friend find out it is Da-hye who caused the incident. His friend asks him how he will fight Eun-sung and Hyun-woo tells him about investment fraud, which will help them get the provisional seizures but not their stocks. It seems Hyun-woo has a plan in mind. 

Queen of Tears Episode 9Queen of Tears Episode 9

Soo-cheol, on the other hand, reads Da-hye’s letter and finds out the way she made him believe all her lies. Turns out, she used to bully him into giving her nice things as children but he does not remember her. She reveals her real age and the fact that Geon-u is not his son. Heartbroken at the reality, Soo-cheol cries when Hae-in finds him. She tries to comfort him but decides not to. 

The fathers get together to drink and Hae-in’s father gets drunk. Hyun-woo’s father takes him back when the latter talks about his worries and how he feels like he has wronged his family. In another scene, Hae-in talks to Hyun-woo’s nephew and once he leaves, she finds herself in yet another illusion. She wakes up in Hyun-woo’s house with everyone surrounding her. 

Beom-ja shows concern by asking about medication when the family ask her if she has a medical condition. They pamper her when Hae-in’s mother feigns indifference. Beom-ja takes her to talk and tells her to care for her before it is too late but she remains stubborn in her approach and tells her that she has her ex-mother-in-law for it. Frustrated at her sister-in-law, she walks away from her. 

Hyun-woo rushes to check on her when Hae-in asks him about his plan. He tells her all his findings. He tells her about the broker and how he is on a no-fly list – stopping him from escaping the country. She tells him that she will do things on her own as she does not have much time. He feels bad but he supports her. 

Eun-sung goes to Hae-in’s room to search and finds her medical ID. He goes to the hospital and downloads the past documents and finds out about her medical condition. He gets distraught and storms into her doctor’s office to ask about her but the doctor does not reveal anything. Eun-sung feels angry and seems to make a plan. He goes to meet Sol-hee at the Chairman’s medical suite. 

Queen of Tears Episode 9Queen of Tears Episode 9

She tells him to give the department store but he denies it, telling her that Hae-in will come back to her place. Sol-hee tells him about her power with the Chairman’s shares and Eun-sung walks away angrily. In the next scene, Hyun-woo finds a car following him as he goes back home and he makes the decision to meet them straight ahead. 

Sol-hee goes to the Chairman’s medical suite and does not find him in the bed. She immediately calls Eun-sung and he tells her that he will go to any lengths to make his point, frustrating her. Hyun-woo meets the broker who threatens him but Hyun-woo fights them tooth and nail. The episode ends with Hae-in calling Hyun-woo outside his house and she finds his phone ringing. She thinks he is there but finds Eun-sung in front of her instead.

Queen of Tears Episode 9 Review

The episode was filled with laughter and many serious scenes that gave us clarity about Hae-in’s family. Her father seems like a sweet person and someone who cares about his loved ones. Her mother definitely cares about her but cannot let go of the past. She feels jealous of the close relationship between Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s mother – proving that she has the maternal instinct but is too far gone to show compassion towards her own daughter.

Hyun-woo shows his sweet side as he cares for Hae-in and her family. Even though he feels sad about Hae-in’s cold conversations, he loves and cares for Hae-in – especially when she is sick. It is obvious that Hae-in also loves him but she is scared to keep him in her life. We hope to see more romantic scenes between them. 

Queen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-Hyun Rescues Kim Ji-won’s FamilyQueen of Tears Episode 9 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-Hyun Rescues Kim Ji-won’s Family

Queen of Tears is streaming on Netflix.

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