“Queen Of Tears” Episodes 11 and 12 Recap

With her condition progressing, our chaebol queen attempts to push her beloved husband away so that he won’t see her like that.

But who said she can do that? Not when her husband always shows up as a knight in his shining armor to save her during the darkest moments even when they have no idea of it.

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Queen of Tears

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Queen Of Tears Episodes 11 and 12 Highlights

“I just wanted to be better than her for once. But what if this damn talisman is the reason why she is sick?”

After delivering a much gratifying blow to Eun-seong’s plans, Hae-in unfortunately gets another seizure and faints. A shocked Hyun-woo rushes over and takes her in his arms. With news about Hae-in’s terminal illness going viral, everyone is now aware of her illness. Both her and Hyun-woo’s families rush over to the hospital in great shock.

Mother Hong makes a fuss about Hyun-woo keeping Hae-in’s condition a secret. But thankfully, Father Hong is reasonable enough to stop her. They have no right to be upset. Though they were supposed to be Hae-in’s parents, they had no idea their daughter was struggling.

It also finally dawns on Mother Hong how cruel she was to Hae-in and how she missed out almost intentionally on all the chances given to her to learn about Hae-in’s illness. Soo-cheol is crushed as well. All he wanted was to be better than Hae-in even once, but he never wished for this to happen.

“I’ve loved you from the moment we met until now.”

While unconscious, all Hae-in kept thinking about was how she never conveyed any of her real feelings to Hyun-woo. Now, she is afraid of dying before telling Hyun-woo she loves him. Thankfully, Hae-in opens her eyes and utters the word. But if you give me such a romantic scene in a hospital room, then what am I supposed to do; swoon over Hae-in’s love confession or cry my eyes out over Hyun-woo threatening to give up on his life if something happens to Hae-in?

The only perk about this sequence is everyone showing support for Hae-in. In a sweet scene, the whole family goes to a celebratory dinner to celebrate Hae-in’s discharge, where they promise to work hard to help raise Hae-in’s WBC so that she can get treatment.

“Does that bring back memories? Tell me. Where is my money?”

Aside from the online comments about how Hae-in is hopelessly in love with her ex-husband that she has revealed her secret to save him, Hae-in’s statement at the press conference had more outcomes, namely putting Eun-seong in a tight situation that only putting his hands on Grandpa Hong’s secret fund can get him out of.

The mistress knows it, too. Thus, she hunts down Grandpa Hong to hold him as leverage. Except, he is already awake. So, does this mean she can’t act as his guardian anymore? Well. That might have been the case if he hadn’t developed dementia and lost his memories. Ironically, the mistress is now desperate for Grandpa to regain his memories so that she can pocket the secret fund.

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“You shouldn’t get wet. Wait here until I bring the car over.”

Beating the evil duo to it, Hae-in and Hyun-woo learn about the hideout where the secret fund might be stashed. They go to take a look around the place with the rest of Hae-in’s family. But unfortunately, Eun-seong figures it out and follows them there.

It seems like Eun-seong didn’t take Hae-in’s warning not to provoke her again seriously. Neither did the punch Hyun-woo landed on his face teach him anything. Taking advantage of Hae-in’s illness, Eun-seong almost kidnaps her while she hallucinates that the one before her is Hyun-woo.

It is such a breathtaking scene where Hyun-woo follows them relentlessly and knowingly crashes into some barrels to stop Eun-seong from taking Hae-in. Getting out of the car, Hyun-woo calls out Hae-in’s name loudly to get her to snap out of it. And I have to give it to Kim Soo-hyun for making me believe that the one in the car has been Eun-seong all along.

“Are you going to tell him that you got in my car after mistaking me for him?”

Stooping much lower, Eun-seong emotionally blackmails Hae-in into lying to Hyun-woo that she got in the car on her accord so that she could go see Grandpa. After that, he basically forces Hae-in to eat with him in return for letting her see Grandpa.

During dinner, Eun-seong continues his pile of lies, pretending he is the one who saved her from drowning back when she was a child, not her elder brother as Hae-in was led to believe. The second part may be true, but Hae-in’s savior was Hyun-woo who happened to be there on a training camp. Don’t tell me Eun-seong had a hand in what happened to Hae-in’s brother. That guy Eun-seong continues to prove he is unredeemable.

At least Hae-in’s visit causes the already existing tension between Eun-seong and the mistress to surge since the mistress’s biggest fear is someone finding the secret fund before her. This might indeed come true as Hae-in has already figured out that the secret fund is in the house.

Watch Queen of Tears on Netflix

“What kind of woman wouldn’t want to date you?”

Walking out of the house, Hae-in finds Hyun-woo waiting to pick her up. He isn’t dead like Eun-seong thought after making an attempt on Hyun-woo’s life and planning to disguise it as suicide but safe and sound.

It was heartbreaking though watching Hae-in get hesitant before approaching Hyun-woo, scared of mistaking Eun-seong for Hyun-woo once again. Yet she gets relieved realizing it is indeed Hyun-woo before her. They head to the studio apartment Hyun-woo has been residing in after the divorce where they eat dinner happily. (Eating stew with Hyun-woo is much tastier than having steak with Eun-seong, right?)

Imagining Hyun-woo living happily ever after with another woman in that small apartment after her death, Hae-in gets jealous. Hyun-woo reassures her that women are already criticizing him for divorcing Hae-in. Thus, no one will agree to date him. But then Hae-in makes Hyun-woo’s heart race when she counts his merits and mentions how she would marry him again even if she were reborn a hundred times.

“I can’t be sure of anything anymore. That’s why I can’t make any promises.”

For all the romance and the newlyweds vibes, Hae-in turns Hyun-woo down when he gifts her a ring, asking her to take back the divorce. (Those two are set on making us suffer.) I can’t say I blame Hae-in because her fear is validated. Her condition has progressed. At first, it was episodes and memory loss, but now she can’t even recognize Hyun-woo.

Earlier, Hae-in wanted to part ways with Hyun-woo before her condition got worse. But it happened sooner than expected and now Hae-in can’t risk the possibility of mistaking someone else for Hyun-woo once again.

Not all hope is lost, though. Secretly, Hae-in tries on the ring and takes a good look at its nice shape. When caught, Hae-in claims it was only to study the trends. And Hyun-woo couldn’t be any happier to let her analyze the ring for longer and maybe put it on.

“You can go. Just tell me where the secret fund is.”

Back to the secret fund hunt, all our leads know for now is that the money is stashed in a secret room, a.k.a panic room. After some digging around, they learn that the panic room is located behind the elevator and can be accessed through the elevator’s back door. But they are a step too late as the mistress has already figured out, though for a short time, Grandpa comes to.

In a moment of lucidity, Grandpa records his final words, which we will probably hear next week, on the pen he gifted Hae-in when she became the CEO and devastatingly takes his own life so that the mistress won’t threaten him or use him as leverage anymore.

Unaware of anything, Hae-in’s family heads to the house to report the mistress for confinement and search for the money while the police are there only to be hit by the news of Grandpa’s death. Now that they are back in the house, we end this week with the Hongs about to enter the panic room. And I really wish they go get the money so we can bid the evil duo farewell once and for all.

Queen Of Tears Episodes 11 and 12 Musings

I know Kdramas are fond of family relationships and themes of forgiveness. But I am not fond of Hae-in comforting her mother after all she went through because of Mother Hong. That woman tortured Hae-in throughout her life and never warmed up to her, even when she lost her unborn child or when she fainted last week.

Being in pain over losing her child doesn’t excuse Mother Hong’s actions. Ironically, as it turns out, the one who saved Hae-in was Hyun-woo, not her elder brother. And even if that had been true, it doesn’t mean Hae-in would have been to blame. Just thinking about the guilt Hae-in has been enduring in vain gets us mad.

On the contrary, we have Soo-cheol who might not be competent enough to be a businessman and acts stupid at times. Still, he showered his wife, Da-hye, with love and cared for their son, Geon-u, more than anything.

That sincere love is what made Da-hye waver and make the decision to return to Korea and give back everything she stole. Soo-cheol hugging Da-hye in tears, insisting that Geon-u is his son, and vowing to find Da-hye even if she leaves again is one of the best scenes this week.

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While I wish Eun-seong would disappear right now and leave our leads alone. It is funny yet satisfying how his attempts to break our leads apart always blow up in his face. Last week he threatened Hae-in to attend the press conference only for her to announce her love for Hyun-woo before everyone. Even the kidnapping attempt got Hae-in and Hyun-woo to spend the night together in Seoul and strengthened their relationship.

I might have a soft spot for second leads who can’t have their feelings reciprocated no matter how devoted they are. But Eun-seong for sure doesn’t fit this bill. Instead of supporting the woman he claims to be in love with, he has caused Hae-in to suffer during their college days so that she would turn to him for help. Even now, he made her family go bankrupt and then shamelessly offered to give her back the CEO position and asked her to return home. That guy is a lost cause.

Will Hae-in and Hyun-woo rediscover the genuine romance that initially bind them in Queen of Tears? Find out on weekends on tvN! International fans can watch it on Netflix!

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