“Queen Of Tears” Episodes 9 and 10 Recap

Our leads are up against one relentless enemy who won’t stop until reaching his goal. But instead of learning their lesson that honesty is the best policy and two heads are better than one, they act on their own, opting to sacrifice themselves for each other.

Schemes aside, we get some cute flirting scenes between our leads and it seems like their relationship is always at its best while being in Hyun-woo’s hometown and away from the Hongs family house.

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Queen of Tears

Queen Of Tears Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

“Do you think being together in this situation will make us happier?”

Having gotten kicked out of their house with all their assets taken away, the Hong family is left on the street with no one on their side and reporters hounding them. Hyun-woo shows up as a knight on a white horse in a white van to save the day and takes them to the safest place ever, his family’s house.

The chaebol family out-of-water antics are hilarious. But what I liked the most about this sequence was Hyun-woo holding onto Hae-in when she tells him not to worry about her as they are already divorced, and them texting each other through the night while being only a few meters away. It is the closest our leads have ever been, unlike how distanced they were in the Hongs household.

Another upside of being at her former in-laws’ house is Hae-in’s relationship with her mother-in-law. Mother Baek has always been kind to Hae-in, calling her “my baby” even after the divorce. When Hae-in fainted while there this time, Mother Baek was more worried about Hae-in than her own mother, who would probably cry a river of tears out of regret after learning the truth. (Mother Baek overhears Hae-in talking to her doctor. Thus, learning about Hae-in’s illness and crying her heart out.)

“I am telling you that I’ll bring Hae-in here at all costs.”

Meanwhile, Hyun-woo sticks it through in the company, pretending to be there temporarily until he finds a job while secretly collecting evidence against Eun-seong. (He doesn’t tell Hae-in about it, but she ends up learning about it, anyway.)

It might not be needed, though, since inner conflicts are the perfect storm for one’s downfall, right? Now that Eun-seong and the mistress pursue different goals, it is only a matter of time before they bring their own demise. You see, the mistress blackmails Eun-seong with Grandpa Hong’s shares she is in charge of after he refuses to hand over the department store to her. And Eun-seong retaliates by kidnapping Grandpa away from the mistress’s reach. In other words, they aren’t a team anymore.

Tracking Hae-in down, Eun-seong comes to her with “an irresistible” offer: marry him and the department store will be hers again. If she turns him down, Eun-seong might as well use her medical diagnosis as leverage against her. If this doesn’t work, what about going after Hyun-woo? The audit team might not have found any dirt on Hyun-woo. But Eun-seong is proficient at cooking up fake crimes and sending people to jail.

“He threatened to falsely charge and put Mr. Baek Hyun-woo, my husband and former legal director, behind bars.”

Hae-in might be okay with people going after her but not Hyun-woo. Worried Hyun-woo might get hurt, Hae-in goes along with Eun-seong’s plan, attending the press conference to announce her reinstatement along with their marriage plans, while keeping it all from Hyun-woo. I can’t say he is any better though, as Hyun-woo kept his reassignment a secret from Hae-in.

Instead of carrying the burden by themselves and choosing to sacrifice themselves for the other one, being honest and putting their heads together might prove much more efficient in their battle against Eun-seong. But what can we say to this stubborn duo who haven’t learned their lesson even after going through all of that?

Maybe it was her plan all along or perhaps seeing Hyun-woo made her waver but instead of going with the pre-planned script, Hae-in reveals Eun-seong’s ruse in front of everyone. Also, as the icing on the cake, Hae-in discloses her medical condition too.

As for the aftermath, we need to wait until next week to watch Eun-seong’s reaction to Hae-in’s “betrayal.” One thing is for sure, though, our leads need to keep their wits about them, as Eun-seong has no problem crossing any lines to get his hands on what he wants.

Queen Of Tears Episodes 9 and 10 Musings

Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s low-key flirting was a blast to watch. Be it Hae-in waiting for Hyun-woo to put ointment on his wounds, Hyun-woo coming up with all sorts of excuses to spend more time together, their conversation about how things might have changed between them had they given their emotional wounds proper treatment, and last but not least Hyun-woo getting jealous and drinking himself silly so Hae-in would find him cute again.

Aunt Beom-ja remains my favorite character among the Hongs. Not only did she adapt quickly to the situation and didn’t complain about anything, but she was worried about Grandpa, not the money they lost. There are also some hints that Aunt Beom-ja might find her fourth husband in the village and hopefully get the love she deserves this time.

Initially, Aunt was introduced as a temperamental troublemaker. But after spending some time with her, it is clear that she cares about her family the most and only turns hostile against those who threaten her family’s wellbeing. I mean, we didn’t see her get mad at anyone but the mistress and maybe her former husbands.

In some ways, I find Hae-in and Aunt a bit similar. However, Hae-in was lucky enough to find a decent man who flies over when she hears she fainted and drops by quietly in the morning to draw the curtains and make sure Hae-in is sleeping comfortably. (Aunt Beom-ja’s whining about none of her ex-husbands being like Hyun-woo cracked me up.)

Those two go a long way back even before they met at the company. Having found her old MP3 player in Hyun-woo’s room, Hae-in realizes Hyun-woo was the boy who helped her back at high school when she scraped her knee.

It is a pity that they met on Hae-in’s last day at school before going to study abroad. Hyun-woo kept looking for that pretty girl, his ideal type, like how Prince Charming looked for Cinderella, but couldn’t find her. And it is funny since that girl is now in front of him, but he isn’t recognizing her.

Soo-cheol must have a lot in common with Hyun-woo, as he couldn’t recognize that his wife, Cheon Da-hye, was the same girl from the orphanage who used to extort things from him. Ironically, Da-hye didn’t bother to change her name, yet Soo-cheol didn’t suspect anything.

Soo-cheol might come across as an idiot, yet I respect him for trying his best to protect his family and be a good parent. Even after learning about Da-hye’s involvement in Eun-seong’s plan and that his son isn’t related to him by blood, all Soo-cheol cared about was his son getting his vaccines wherever he was. No wonder the little boy keeps crying because he missed “his father.”

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