“Queen Of Tears” Global Craze Continues Even After Drama Ended, Exceeding 600 Million Viewing Hours 

“Queen of Tears” aired on tvN, TVING and Netflix from March 9th to April 28th. During the drama’s broadcasting period, it dominated No.1 in Netflix’s Global Top 10 (non-English) TV Series and created a global syndrome. Its final episode recorded an average viewership of 24.9%, becoming the highest-rating drama in tvN history.

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It’s been a month since “Queen of Tears” ended, but the drama is still popular. It placed No.10 in Netflix’s Global Top 10 (non-English) TV Series rankings released on June 5th and succeeded in staying in TOP 10 for 13 consecutive weeks. Among the K-dramas released on Netflix from 2023 until now, “Queen of Tears” is the only one that has remained in Top 10 for such a long time.

queen of tears

The cumulative viewing time of “Queen of Tears” on Netflix has also exceeded 600 million hours, which is currently around 617.8 million hours.

Becoming viral around the world, “Queen of Tears” is also having a strong fandom, especially in Japan. It was chosen as the No.1 in a survey about the most interesting K-dramas conducted by Japanese IT news site ITmedia’s Neotorabo from May 11th to 18th. Only Japanese could participate in Neotorabo’s survey and each person could only vote once.

The long-lasting success of “Queen of Tears” also continues in Korea. Gallup Korea surveyed 1001 Korean people aged 18 and above about their recent favorite broadcasts and video programs from May 21st to 23rd. As a result, “Queen of Tears” ranked No.1 for three consecutive months from March to May. This is the first 16-episode drama to top the list for three months in a row since Gallup Korea began carrying out this survey regularly.