‘Queen of Tears’ Moms Go on A Sisterly Date Ahead of Finale: ‘Our Favorite Mothers!’

Ahead of the highly-anticipated finale, “Queen of Tears” eommas Na Young Hee and Hwang Young Hee went on a friendly date, showcasing their friendship.

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‘Queen of Tears’ Moms Na Young Hee, Hwang Young Hee Go Out On A Date

Veteran K-drama actresses Na Young Hee and Hwang Young Hee, who currently play as mothers of Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun in “Queen of Tears,” delighted fans with their social media update.

Hwang Young Hee, Na Young Hee
(Photo : Na Young Hee Instagram)

Na Young Hee is Kim Seon Ha, the elegant and sophisticated mother of Hong Hae In.

Hwang Young Hee, on the other hand, plays as Jeon Bong Ae, the ever-caring and loving mom of Baek Hyun Woo.

On April 22, Na Young Hee uploaded a photo of her with co-star Hwang Young Hee enjoying a meal together somewhere in Seoul. The two went on a sisterly date ahead of the “Queen of Tears” finale.

She also captioned her post:

 “We dried persimmons together, received care from each other, and finally became friends with my in-laws. Eating together in Seoul instead of Yongduri. Now there’s only one week left.”

The actress also used the “Queen of Tears” hashtag. This is not the only photo that Na Young Hee shared, last March, she posted pics from the dinner gathering of the drama’s cast and crew, where she took photos with her co-stars.

‘Queen of Tears’ Fans React to Na Young Hee, Hwang Young Hee’s Date

A post shared by instagram

Many were happy to see them together spending time outside work. Most of the drama’s fans expressed their support and love for the celebrities. Their snaps also received thousands of heart reactions from their followers.

  • “Our favorite mothers!”
  • “I’m touched by the acting of these two sisters. I am so glad that their hard work resulted in such a beautiful result. The audience from across the country were in tears.”
  • “I think the acting of both of you raised the impression of this work a few times more. Thank you so much for making me feel various emotions.”
  • “I was impressed by their performances. I cried too. Looking forward to this week.”
  • “They are talking about Hae In’s health condition. Hahaha”
  • “Omg! Both mother-in-laws are together!”
  • “Two best mothers in K-drama history”

Catch Na Young Hee and Hwang Young Hee in “Queen of Tears” finale episodes, set to air this April 27 and 28, which will also air earlier than the original broadcast.

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