[Queen of Tears] Scenes where Kim Soohyun showcased his acting skills

 Ep 7

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Scene where Hong Haein considers giving up on life, he struggles to maintain her will to live even out of self-hatred

Ep 10

Ep 14 

Both Kim Soohyun and Kim Jiwon’s acting skills were brilliant hereㅋㅋ

Car accident scene

Scene where he cried in the hospital

He expressed relief that a loved one can now live, but also conveyed fear and sadness due to the separation from Hong Haein, who holds memories of love with him

He did well throughout the drama, but especially in these scenes. He received all sorts of praises for his acting skillsㅋㅋ

-Really good… Please do more dramas, please.

-Kim Soohyun crying is a win… keep crying…

-Please do more dramas… I knew you were good at acting, but this time, it’s really mind-blowing.

-Kim Soo-hyun’s acting is really good, please do more dramas.

-After seeing the interpretations of the last scene, I rewatched the ending and the aquarium scenes.

-But really, besides those emotional scenes, he’s also good at portraying everyday life scenes naturally… Let’s do more roles.

-He’s doing great, I want to see him often.

-I didn’t know Kim Soohyun acted so well, and among all of Kim Soo-hyun’s works, this one has the best chemistry..

-I knew he was good at acting, but he’s gotten even better…

-Seriously, Kim Soohyun’s acting was insane, please do more dramas, seriously…

-Bring home the Baeksang Award.

-He’s an actor I enjoy watching, really. Please do more dramas.

-His acting was crazy this time. I seriously watched Episode 14 with my mouth open. Even though I knew he was good, I couldn’t believe how good he was

-Acting genius

-I knew Kim Soohyun was good, but Kim Jiwon was amazing too… their emotional scenes were awesome.

-Looking forward to his next work ㅜㅜㅜㅜ