Queen of Tears Teaser Unveils Complex Love-Hate Dynamics Between Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won as a Married Couple

On February 6, 2024, tvN revealed the highly-anticipated Queen of Tears teaser, eliciting tremendous excitement among Hallyu wave enthusiasts. The unfolding of Kdrama’s love stories has consistently captivated audiences with its beautifully crafted narratives, brimming with dramatic moments and compelling love stories that enthral viewers. Anticipation is high to witness Kim Soo-hyun’s portrayal as the husband, given his consistent demonstration of acting prowess, overshadowing his characters and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Helmed by the talented directors Kim Hee-won and Jang Young-woo, the series also features an impressive cast, including Kim Ji-won, Park Sung-woon, Kwak Dong-yeon, Lee Joo-bin, and others.

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In the bustling city of Seoul, where social classes and family backgrounds play a significant role in defining one’s status, Queen of Tears (눈물의 여왕)unfolds the extraordinary tale of Hong Hae-in, the reigning queen of the Queens Group department stores, and Baek Hyeon-woo, the modest son of a local grocery store owner.

The story kicks off with the announcement of what the media dubs “The marriage of the century.” Hong Hae-in, the elegant and sophisticated chaebol heiress, and Baek Hyeon-woo, the pride of the quaint village of Yongduri, seem to be an unlikely match. As the third-generation heir of the Queens Group, Hae-in is accustomed to a life of luxury and privilege, while Hyeon-woo’s roots are deeply embedded in the simplicity of running a local grocery store.

Queen of Tears Teaser Still 1

The teaser provided a brief glimpse into the budding romance between Baek Hyun-woo, portrayed by Kim Soo-hyun, and Hong Hae-in, played by Kim Ji-won. Initially, it seemed like a classic love-at-first-sight scenario, with Hyun-woo captivated by Hae-in’s beauty. However, as their characters got married, societal differences led to frequent comical conflicts. The show delves into the humorous challenges faced by the married couple, illustrating how they navigate their differences while staying together despite the hurdles.

Immersed in the enchanting narrative of Queen of Tears, audiences will be captivated by the miraculous, thrilling, and often humorous love story that unfolds between a married couple. Against the backdrop of a gripping crisis, this resilient duo not only navigates the challenges that threaten to tear them apart but also defies all odds to emerge stronger and more united than ever.

Queen of Tears Teaser Still 2

The tale weaves a tapestry of resilience, love, and humour, offering a compelling exploration of the human spirit’s capacity to endure and thrive amidst adversity. This drama promises an emotional rollercoaster as it delves into the depths of a relationship’s strength, proving that even in the face of life’s harshest storms, love has the power to triumph and reign supreme.

Watch the Queen of Tears Teaser Below

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Queen of Tears Release Date

The series will stream on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday starting from March 16, 2024.

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