‘Queen of Tears’ Trivia: Did You Know? Park Sung Hoon Is From A Family of Lawyers & Doctors

 With his ongoing popularity, “Queen of Tears” antagonist Park Sung Hoon became the talk of the town for his amazing performances, and now, his impressive family background. 

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Known for his villain roles in smash hit series “The Glory” and “Queen of Tears,” the breakout star knocks it out of the park with whatever character he’s committed to. As he gained recognition from the public, all eyes were on Park Sung Hoon, making fans search for him almost everywhere.

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Park Sung Hoon Comes From Wealthy Family of Doctors & Lawyers

Queen of Tears
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

From reels to real, Park Sung Hoon is like living in a K-drama after his family background is revealed.

While Park Sung Hoon is breathing life into his most notable on-screen characters, he didn’t have to depend on his acting chops alone. Feeding the fans’ curiosity, it was revealed that the actor was actually from a rich family. 

Park Sung Hoon’s famous roles in “The Glory” and “Queen of Tears” have something in common. Both Jeon Jae Jun and Yoon Eun Sung are men of power and money. But different from his characters, the actor has a warm personality and an impressive family background. 

According to reports, Park Sung Hoon is actually from a family of lawyers and doctors, which might explain why he naturally exudes a confident vibe. 

In tvN’s show “Free Doctor” which aired in February 2023, the episode covered the privileged celebrities who were born with a silver spoon. Among the stars mentioned was Park Sung Hoon.

'Queen of Tears' Stills
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

One panelist from the show revealed, “Only a few know this, but Park Sung Hoon is actually from a very wealthy family, just like his role in ‘The Glory.'”

Another panelist chimed in and said that the actor’s family members are highly educated.

“His family is pretty well-off. Everyone in the family except for Park Sung Hoon either went to a medical or law school.”

Park Sung Hoon Owns Luxury Apartment in Seoul

Since he is from a well-off family, it has been said that another proof of his affluential status is his luxury apartment in Geumho-dong, Seoul. According to a source, the male star purchased the place late in 2023 for approximately 1.4 million USD (1.9 billion krw).

Park Sung Hoon
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

Apart from him, other known celebrities who own a place in the said location are Jung Kyung Ho, Namgoong Min, Park Bo Young, Yoo Seung Ho, and Ryu Jun Yeol.

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