Quick Reviews: SHINee’s Minho makes a warm and inviting solo return with the simple “Stay For A Night”

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SHINee‘s Minho made a solo return recently with “Stay For A Night“, and while I didn’t start out expecting much, I was won over by his smooth and comforting vocals set over the guitar riffs, the brisk rhythm of the beat, and warm soundscape of this track.

A pop smash hit? Certainly not, and it’s probably not even something I would actively seek out either. However, on repeats I’ve found it perfect for certain playlists and certain moods. Sure, it’s like background music … but good and forever listenable background music, which is why I decided to feature it. “Stay For A Night” seems crafted for one of those relaxing nights where you’re feeling a sense of longing and uncertainty, finding yourself wanting something vibey and surprisingly addictive to soothe your brain.