QWER Chodan Sparks Outrage with Shocking Anti-Feminist Rant— ‘Who Asked You to Use Those Words and Get Criticized For It?’

In a recent development, QWER’s emerging talent Chodan has found herself embroiled in controversy following the resurfacing of her previous remarks on feminism.

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The issue came to light after a post titled “QWER Chodan’s Remarks On Feminists” gained viral attention across various social media platforms, prompting heated discussions among netizens.

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Derogatory Language Towards Feminists

The viral post featured snippets from Chodan’s livestreaming sessions prior to her debut with QWER, where she made derogatory remarks about feminists.

In one video, Chodan can be seen candidly expressing her disdain towards feminists, referring to them as “Crazy b#tches.”

She also mentioned her attendance at an all-women university, highlighting her decision not to conceal this fact despite advice to do so.

“I’m not (a feminist). I’m just upset that I am being affected (negatively) by those crazy b#tches,” Chodan remarked in one of the livestreams.

Reactions from Netizens

The resurfacing of these comments has triggered a wave of criticism from netizens, who have voiced their disappointment and disapproval of Chodan’s stance on feminism.


There’s really no need to use the words feminists use. You don’t look normal when you’re boasting outside, do you?

You’re the one who’s misandrist, aren’t you? You guys use those words as expressions of male degradation and hatred.

Who asked you to use those words and get criticized for it?

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How many hamburgers can you eat at most?

Many have questioned her understanding of feminism and expressed dismay over her derogatory language.

“I just don’t understand why they are promoting in feminist online communities when they aren’t even targeting them,” remarked one netizen, reflecting on Chodan’s past livestreaming activities.

Others criticized Chodan’s remarks as reflective of a broader societal issue, with one commenter expressing hope for a different path for the idol: “I hope she dates an incel and has five of his children. I hope she supports him and stays home. Hope she is happy ^^.”

Awaiting Response

Despite the controversy, Chodan has yet to respond publicly to the resurfaced comments or the ensuing backlash.

However, the incident has sparked important conversations about the responsibilities of public figures in addressing sensitive social issues and the impact of their words on their audience.

As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen how Chodan and her management team will navigate this controversy and its implications for her burgeoning career in the entertainment industry.