Rain Faces Backlash for Expressing Interest in New Group Despite Prior Criticism for Abandoning Ciipher

Recently, Rain has ignited a wave of criticism from netizens due to his comments on the premiere episode of the Hong Kong-based trainee survival show, Asia Super Young, which aired on November 25.

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Asia Super Young mentors

The survival program introduces 65 young men vying for a spot in a new 9-member group, with mentors such as Cheng Xiao from ex-WJSN and Zhu Zhengting from Yuehua Entertainment’s NEXT. Rain, also an executive producer of the show, made headlines during the first episode with his controversial remarks.

After the performance of Yuehua Entertainment’s boy group 8oYhood, Rain turned to Zhu Zhengting and remarked, “If YUEHUA isn’t planning on signing them, I’ll take them. Is that OK?” Despite Zhu Zhengting’s laughter, he swiftly responded to Rain with a firm “No. That’s not happening.”

Asia Super Young mentors

While such comments are not uncommon in competition shows, Rain’s statement did not sit well with netizens, primarily due to his history with debuting groups. Rain, who has created two music labels during his career, has faced accusations of mismanagement and “abandonment” of debuted groups.

Rain, who has created two music labels during his career, faced accusations of mismanagement and “abandonment” of groups. As the CEO of RAIN Company, he debuted the boy group Ciipher, taking them along to perform on Immortal Songs.

Rain and MBLAQ

However, Ciipher’s promotions went silent after releasing albums in 2021 and May 2022, leading to members participating in survival programs Boys Planet and Fantasy Boys. The group entered a hiatus, and fans expected a comeback, but instead, four members announced their departure, while Keita re-debuted in EVNNE, a Boys Planet spin-off group.

Source: koreaboo