Reason The Value Of Hero Drama “Moving” Worldview Is Universal

Disney+’s “Moving” is still being talked about a lot even after it ended

Disney+’s original series “Moving” (written by Kang Full) gained explosive responses not only in Korea but also around the world. Dealing with the story of the characters hiding their superpowers with various growth narratives and emotions, “Moving” impressed global viewers with its fresh portrayal of Korean-style heroes.

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First, among the favorable reviews for “Moving”, there is a comment that the people with superpowers in “Moving” are more universal than “Marvel” superheroes. Taking the scene where the clumsy guy Jae-man (Kim Sung-kyun) shows his super speed power as soon as he knows his son Kang-hoon is in danger, some viewers pointed out that the way “Moving” heroes use their powers is primal and instinctive, which is much more realistic and relatable compared to the superheroes in Marvel movies.

Praising “Moving”, Rolling Stone magazine said, “It’s the best TV superhero series that even surpasses Star Wars and MCU series. It is based on a thoroughly written Korean story of sacrifices and heroic narratives.” In an interview, director Park In-je also emphasized, “It is important that the characters are realistically portrayed with ordinary traits of a human being”.


In addition, people with superpowers in “Moving” are much more humane. Korean heroes prioritize protecting their loved ones, especially, their families. This drama not only showed parents protecting their children but went further to prove that children can also protect their parents.  There are various scenes in which the children use superpowers to save their parents from crisis. For example, Hee-soo (Go Yoon-jung) runs to her father at a fast pace and Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha) attacks the bad guy, saying “Don’t touch my mom”, and carries his injured mother on his back.

Moreover, Korean hero fathers not only save their own kids but also others’ children. While having a fight with Jae-man, Joo-won (Kim Sung-kyun) hears Jae-man’s younger son Sung-woo crying so the two come to rescue Sung-woo first then solve their misunderstandings later. 

The value of “Moving” is family protection and pure love, which surpasses all the cliché of a hero drama, like Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo)’s line, “The important thing is empathy; how can you call yourself a hero when you cannot understand others’ feelings?”.

Source: Daum