Reasons Why Park Min Young’s “Marry My Husband” is Creating a Buzz 

“Marry My Husband” hooks viewers with its storyline. Park Min Young, playing the lead, steals the show with her standout performance.

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Compelling plot and on point acting Step out of the webtoon

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Marry My Husband” is gaining warm reactions. First episodes on tvN pulled in impressive ratings of 5.2% and 5.9%, decent numbers for a cable TV drama. What sticks with viewers is the main character’s sharp comebacks against those trying to mess with her.

Park Min Young‘s portrayal of Kang Ji Won in the drama keeps viewers excited, especially with the time-travel plotline involving her and director Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo).

Compelling plot and on point acting 

“Marry My Husband” tells the story of Kang Ji Won, a woman with terminal cancer mistreated by her in-laws. Her life takes a darker turn when she catches her husband cheating with her best friend, Jung Soo Min. 

The dream sequence where Ji Won reunites with her late father and gets a heart-shaped symbol to time-travel ten years back is moving. She’s determined to change her fate and get revenge on her ex-husband and former friend.

Marry My Husband

The fantasy elements in the drama, like time-travel, keep things interesting. “Marry My Husband” does a great job with a well-thought-out narrative. The fun part is watching Ji Won navigate new paths with her advantage from the future.

Director Park Won Gook deserves credit for bringing it all together. Mixing tension and drama with humor in episodes 2 and 3, where Ji Won bonds with her coworkers, adds a nice touch. 

Positive feedback from viewers highlights improved story elements in the transition from webtoon to screen.

Yoo Ji Hyeok, the authoritative director, adds an extra layer of intrigue. Both Ji Hyeok and Ji Won time-travel to 2013 in the original webtoon, and episode 4 hints at this when Ji Hyeok attends Ji Won’s funeral. His resurrection and possession of the heart-shaped symbol create curiosity, promising more explanations in upcoming episodes.

park min young

However, “Marry My Husband” isn’t without its flaws. Some viewers criticize the drama’s cold color scheme and occasional slow-paced moments. 

Director Park Won Gook’s camera angles lack flexibility, and Na In Woo’s performance as a director feels a bit forced and not well-integrated with Park Min Young’s character.

Step out of the webtoon

In the first three episodes, Kang Ji Won is depicted as a shy girl who dedicates all her time to work, unaware of self-care. Her eating habits lack discipline, and her dressing style is not remarkable compared to others.

Marry My Husband

However, since her rebirth, Ji Won is determined to change her lifestyle to become more positive and pamper herself more. She plans for financial independence, changes her diet, and accumulates knowledge by reading books. Particularly, in episode 3, Ji Won undergoes a stunning transformation with the support of Hee Yeon. She cuts her hair, puts on makeup, and wears elegant clothing.

In reality, Ji Won’s new appearance has become a hot topic of discussion. Some audience members feel disappointed that Ji Won has short hair instead of the long hair in the original webtoon. Others express excitement at seeing the new look of the female lead.

marry my husband

“The aura has changed, and she exudes a stronger vibe. Many people say they like her to keep the long hair like in the webtoon, but I think Kang Ji Won in the webtoon still looks gentle, cutting her hair is like cutting away the painful past,” one viewer wrote.

Audiences praise Park Min Young’s portrayal in the drama. Before “Marry My Husband,” Park Min Young left a deep impression through her role as Kim Mi So in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” (2018). Both works are adaptations of famous webtoons. Netizens believe that the 2 characters seem to be tailor-made for the actress born in 1986.

Audiences are looking forward to Park Min Young’s performance in the upcoming episodes. Changing the past is a double-edged sword, providing only temporary relief for Ji Won while numerous difficulties and unforeseen challenges await her in the future.