Red Swan Episode 3 Review: Rain, Kim Ha-neul Chemistry Steals the Show

Red Swan Episode 3 Review | Leisurebyte
Red Swan Episode 3 Review: Rain, Kim Ha-neul Chemistry Steals the Show

Park Hong-kyun

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Date Created:
2024-07-10 12:30

In Red Swan episode 2, we see Do-yoon learning about the hidden videos that Ju-hyuk had stashed away and he slowly comes to the realisation that the circumstances surrounding his death are darker than they appear. Will he be able to get to the bottom of it all while keeping Wan-soo safe?

Red Swan episode 3 has a runtime of 53 minutes.

  • Red Swan Cast

    Kim Ha-neul, Rain, Jung Gyu-woon, Seo Yi-sook, Yoon Je-moon, Ki Eun-sae

  • Red Swan Episode 3 Release Date

    Episodes 3 and 4 have been released on July 10, 2024

  • Native Title

  • Red Swan Kdrama Director

Red Swan Episode 3 Recap

After learning about Ju-hyuk’s death and the fact that it had something to do with Wan-soo’s family, Do-yoon tries to inform her about the dangers to her life. However, she doesn’t want to take his words seriously and, instead, asks him to leave. However, he refuses to leave her side and asks her to listen to him so that he can keep her safe.

red swan episode 3 review
Red Swan Episode 3 Review: Rain, Kim Ha-neul

In a flashback, we see Ju-hyuk investigating Kim Du-o’s sudden death and that Hwain Group moves their slush fund around through Eight Star Fortune Casino. They both discuss whether his death had anything to do with the money laundering scheme but before Ju-hyuk could get into it, he was murdered in front of Do-yoon’s eyes. Meanwhile, Wan-soo tells Hyun-soo that they will have to stop Mi-ran from laundering money through their foundation and although he objects to her sister’s demands, it is clear that Wan-soo has come prepared and is resolute in her decision.

Later, she meets Tae-ra, who taunts her about Yong-kook’s affair with her and how he never chose her because he loved her. She further shares a shocking story, wherein Yong-kook made up his mind to marry Wan-soo in order to get away from the gossip of waking up beside a celebrity who overdosed. Although Tae-ra tries to shake Wan-soo’s resolution and make her divorce Yong-kook, she refuses to do so and asks her to live her life as a concubine.

red swan episode 3 reviewred swan episode 3 review
Red Swan Episode 3 Review: Seo Yi-sook, Kim Ha-neul

That night, she tries to tell Yong-kook to send Tae-ra and Jun-hee away to Switzerland but it becomes apparent that he won’t be able to do anything without his mother’s approval. Later, Tae-ra meets Mi-ran to handle Wan-soo and she promises to do so. The next day, however, things take a complicated turn when, during a family photo shoot, Wan-soo finds Jun-hee waiting and is left heartbroken when she realises that Mi-ran wants to use the young child as a replacement for Chan-hee. She later finds her son’s things being taken out of the room and is left further distraught.

In the end, Do-yoon gets a rundown of Hwain IS and becomes a hit during training sessions. He acquires footage using one of the security personnel and starts to keep an eye on Yong-kook’s whereabouts and suddenly realises that Du-o didn’t die at the Grand Palace as Park Kyeong-ju had previously mentioned.

Red Swan Episode 3 Review

red swan episode 3 reviewred swan episode 3 review
Red Swan Episode 3 Review: Jung Gyu-woon, Rain

In spite of the great cast, I think Red Swan misses that oomph that you’d expect from a show such as this. I feel like we already have an inkling about who could be the one behind it all unless there’s some shocking revelation later. I am here, predominantly, for Rain and Kim Ha-neul’s fantastic chemistry and although the third episode doesn’t give much in terms of their relationship, I can see it happening. That being said, the drama is turning out to be a very mellow watch. I am not getting shocking drama or thriller vibes either. Everything just seems to be very understated for some reason – or maybe I have just watched too many dramatic shows! However, Seo Yi-sook screaming in that shrill tone is just deliciously unhinged, as always. I loved it!

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