Red Swan Episode 4 Review: Mellow Drama

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Red Swan Episode 4 Review: Mellow Drama

Park Hong-kyun

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2024-07-10 12:30

In Red Swan episode 3, Wan-soo learns some shocking truths about her husband Yong-kook and his relationship with Tae-ra, while all memories of her son are removed from the house. Meanwhile, Do-yoon finds proof that Chairman Du-o did not die in the hotel as was previously stated and that there is more to the story than meets the eye. He continues to dig deeper while protecting Wan-soo from different threats.

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    Kim Ha-neul, Rain, Jung Gyu-woon, Seo Yi-sook, Yoon Je-moon, Ki Eun-sae

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Red Swan Episode 4 Recap

The episode starts with Do-yoon copying important information from someone’s computer but is caught by Lee Jin. Although he gives her an excuse, she starts to look at him with distrust. He is later called to Yong-kook’s office, who asks him to go easy on him the next time he tries to apprehend him. That night, Do-yoon finds a shocking video involving Yong-kook and Kyeong-ju that leaves him in thought.

Red Swan Episode 4 Review
Red Swan Episode 4 Review: Jung Gyu-woon, Seo Yi-sook, Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Je-moon

The next day, Mi-ran tells Sang-il that she will have Yong-min become the new director of Now Foundation, pushing Wan-soo out. However, she asks him not to force her out because it might sway public opinion against them. In retaliation, Wan-soo asks Hyun-soo to leak Yong-kook’s affair with Tae-ra to the press in order to keep control of the foundation. When news breaks, everyone is left in shambles and Wan-soo takes this opportunity to ask Mi-ran to push her resignation back. However, her mother-in-law refuses to budge and further asks her to stay at home. Wan-soo decides to hold a press conference afterwards, in which she drops the bomb that the child that they have all been hearing about is Du-o’s illegitimate son.

The claim leaves everyone shocked – Mi-ran is left speechless while Yong-kook and Yong-min can’t help but laugh at the twist of fate. At home, Mi-ran shuns Wan-soo for her bold behaviour and asks her to resign immediately. However, she threatens to hold another press conference and tell everyone about the slush fund if Mi-ran doesn’t leave the foundation alone. This leaves Mi-ran shocked and she reminds her that whatever is about to happen after this is going to be her fault.

Red Swan Episode 4 ReviewRed Swan Episode 4 Review
Red Swan Episode 4 Review: Kim Ha-neul

A few days later, Jun-hee and Tae-ra move into the house and Wan-soo reminds her of her place, leaving her shaking in her shoes. However, her feelings become more transparent when she goes out on a run with Do-yoon and asks him whether he finds her pathetic. He asks her why she continues to protect her marriage when it gives her nothing but pain and she remembers the time when Du-o had told her to hold on till the end. He angrily asks her whether she wishes to die and reveals to her that Du-o did not die at the Grand Palace and that someone in the house wants her dead. He tells her everything, leaving her shocked.

Wan-soo later has a very awkward dinner with her in-laws that is nothing short of tense. Mi-ran tries to force her to make the deal between Cosmos and China happen but she continues to hold off, asking her mother-in-law to give her Now Foundation’s freedom. After a rather tense inauguration ceremony which saw mother and daughter-in-law wearing the same outfit, Mi-ran drops a bombshell on Wan-soo — her mother has been locked up in a psychiatric ward. Wan-soo is overcome with heartbreak and rushes to see her mother but soon discovers that there’s more happening here than she expected.

Red Swan Episode 4 Review

Red Swan Episode 4Red Swan Episode 4
Red Swan Episode 4 Review: Kim Ha-neul, Seo Yi-sook

There’s a ton of drama in this episode that can keep fans invested, with Wan-soo’s shocking press conference starting it all off. I am a little unsure why Mi-ran starts to smell Do-yoon all of a sudden during the judo match and what it’s supposed to signify but if it’s a one-off incident I think it was an odd scene to add. I think one big issue I have with the series is how abrupt the editing and the story sequences are. One thing suddenly leads to another and the story feels like it doesn’t flow naturally. Also, still waiting for sparks to fly in a major way between the two protagonists and for the story to pick up a little more steam.

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