Red Swan Kdrama Poster: Rain and Kim Ha-neul Unveil a Melodrama Brimming with Secrets, Lies, and Explosive Revelations

Disney+ has unveiled the first teaser poster for its upcoming series Red Swan Kdrama, featuring stars Rain and Kim Ha-neul. Scheduled to premiere in about a month, the series, titled 화인가 스캔들 in Korean, translates to “Hwain Family Scandal.” This melodramatic series revolves around the scandals and family drama of the wealthy Hwain family, promising to captivate audiences with its secrets, lies, and explosive revelations.

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Directed by Park Hong-kyun, known for his work in A Korean Odyssey, and written by Choi Yoon-jung of Emergency Couple, the TV series features a captivating poster that situates the key cast members in a dramatic family setting. Ha-neul is seated on a couch, with Rami standing behind her, portraying her bodyguard. The other cast members also appear suspicious, contributing to a sense of mistrust. Notably, a large painting behind the cast has captured attention; it might be the actual secret hinted at in the storyline. The painting depicts a woman in a yellow outfit lying in bed, appearing dead. However, the full story will only unfold once the show begins airing.

The story centres on Oh Wan-soo, an exceptional golf player who has reached the pinnacle of her sport. Dreaming of a perfect life in the upper class, she marries the heir of the prestigious Hwain Group and becomes the chairperson of a prominent foundation. Her dedication to charitable work brings her worldwide fame and recognition. Her new life, however, is not without its complexities. Wan-soo is assigned a bodyguard, Seo Do-yoon, a highly skilled martial artist and police university graduate. Do-yoon’s role in her life goes beyond protection; he has joined the Hwain Group’s security team for a specific purpose, and through him, Wan-soo begins to uncover a deeply hidden secret within the Hwain family.

As the narrative unfolds, Wan-soo’s interactions with Do-yoon reveal the hidden dynamics and clandestine affairs of the powerful Hwain family, adding layers of intrigue and complexity to her life. The story intricately explores themes of ambition, secrecy, and the quest for a perfect life amidst the challenges of maintaining integrity and uncovering the truth. Adding to the drama, the series features a talented cast including Jung Gyu-woon, Seo Yi-sook, Yoon Je-moon, and Ki Eun-se, who bring depth and nuance to the multifaceted characters. Each character contributes to the unfolding narrative, enriching the tale of Wan-soo and the complex world she navigates.

Check Out Red Swan Kdrama Poster Below

Red Swan Release Date

The kdrama is set to release on July 3, 2024.

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