“Red Swan” Piques Interest With New Teaser Featuring Kim Ha Neul and Jung Ji Hoon

International murders, conspiracies, and romance to keep audiences on an enthralling ride in Red Swan, a New Korean Drama Premiering July 3 on Disney+!

After enduring years of her husband’s infidelity, a Goodwill Ambassador finds herself drawn to her enigmatic bodyguard in Red Swan, a gripping new Korean drama debuting on July 3, exclusively on Disney+.

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Oh Wansoo and her husband, Kim Yongkook, may appear to be the perfect couple, but their relationship is far from idyllic. As the heir to one of Korea’s leading conglomerates, Yongkook has been unfaithful for years.

Despite her awareness of his affairs and efforts to maintain their marriage, Wansoo’s resolve is tested when a mysterious new bodyguard joins her protection team. Seo Doyoon, who seems oddly familiar, is dedicated to Wansoo’s safety, but his arrival and hidden agenda might jeopardize everything she has strived to protect.

Red Swan

Red Swan features Kim Ha Neul (A Gentleman’s Dignity, Nothing Uncovered) as former pro golfer and current Goodwill Ambassador Oh Wansoo, Jung Ji Hoon (Ghost Doctor, Ninja Assassin) as the bodyguard with a secret mission, Seo Doyoon, Jung Gyu Woon (The Spies, You Are Too Much) as the unfaithful heir Kim Yongkook, and Seo Yi Sook (Rookie Cops, Knight Flower) as Park Miran, the CEO of the Hwain Group. The series is directed by Park Hongkyun (A Korean Odyssey, Warm and Cozy) and penned by Choi Yoonjung (Only Love, Three Sisters).

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Red Swan premieres on July 3, exclusively on Disney+.