Red Velvet Irene is reportedly not renewing contract with SM

The media reported that Red Velvet’s leader Irene might not renew her contract with SM

According to Star News on September 13th, leader Irene has not renewed her exclusive contract with SM Entertainment after it expired. As such, SM has reportedly not been able to confirm any activities of Red Velvet, including album releases, performances, and events until now.

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Red Velvet’s re-contract period started with Seulgi. Last month, Seulgi announced her decision to renew her contract with SM.  In fact, the contract periods of Red Velvet members are not the same even though they are in the same group. It is because each member joined SM and joined Red Velvet in a different year.

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Red Velvet released “Fell My Rhythm” in March and “Birthday” in November last year. Since then, they have not released any new album. Due to the group’s long hiatus, Red Velvet’s fandom sent trucks protesting to SM building in July asking for the third full album and more promotional activities.

Last month, Red Velvet members held a live broadcast and revealed that they were preparing for the third full album to be released in the first half of this year. However, due to the contract renewal issue, it is unknown whether the comeback plan will proceed as scheduled.

Source: Daum