Red Velvet Seulgi Faces Terrifying Stalking Threat — ‘Please don’t touch our…’

In the unsettling world of K-Pop, the dark side of fandom rears its ugly head once again, this time targeting Red VelvetSeulgi. Following in the footsteps of TWICE’s Nayeon, who endured years of harassment from an infamous stalker named Josh, Seulgi finds herself entangled in a similar nightmare.

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Menacing Messages and Threats

A non-Korean fan has taken obsession to a dangerous level, exhibiting classic signs of stalking through social media. The stalker, who has been identified through their comments on Seulgi’s Instagram, seems to have an unnerving knowledge of the idol’s whereabouts, even going to the extent of issuing threats.


(Photo : pann.nate)

Seulgi, are you still awake? I see that your lights are still on. What are you doing? Don’t sleep too late. It’ll be the best for you not to DM BamBam again. This is especially stressful and worrying. Don’t reply him late at night or before you sleep. Sleep well and warm at night. Don’t DM him quietly before you sleep. NCT too. Don’t love anyone first. I’m still below your house. I’ll go soon, it’s too cold. You’re mine. I love you, my bear.

-Stalker Comment


(Photo : pann.nate)

Don’t let anyone by your side, especially at night. Don’t love anyone initially. I’m still around the Gangnam-Gu neighborhood. I’ll go to your residence. I drove by your home late one evening. The lights weren’t on. You’re mine.
– Stalker

The stalker’s comments, riddled with poor Korean, ominously warn Seulgi against contacting specific male idols, notably pointing fingers at GOT7’s BamBam and NCT members. The messages escalate to a point where the stalker claims to be physically near Seulgi’s residence, monitoring her activities and demanding exclusivity.

Pleas for Intervention

Concerned fans, alarmed by the severity of the situation, have reported the matter to SM Entertainment. A fan, in a detailed report, urged the company to take immediate action by regularly monitoring Seulgi’s surroundings, tracking the stalker’s Instagram account, and implementing measures to prevent stalking and protect the idol’s privacy.

Fans Report

(Photo : pann.nate)
Fans Report

Hello. I’m reporting this because someone has been posting creepy content on social media regarding Seulgi. They have persisted in sharing pictures and remarks about her private life on Instagram. The stalking materials include reference to the lights in Gangnam, SM Town, and the bottom of her house, as well as their on and off states.

I suppose they are a foreigner living in Korea. I request the company to:

1. Check often if there are questionable characters near her house.
2. Follow them on Instagram.
3. Prevent offenses of stalking and invading her privacy.

I’m hoping the business will prioritize stopping this. 

Netizens’ Reaction

Here are the reactions to the alarming stalking incident involving Red Velvet’s Seulgi. 

” I guess there’s nothing to do in someone else’s country.”
“A bastard like that shouldn’t be punished, put him in jail.”
” Please don’t touch our Seulgi… SM, deal with it quickly..”
” It looks like they’re saying it was a Korean person with a single appearance, but he looks like a stalker just by looking at it.”
“It’s disgusting”
“Why are you like that? Really.”

Despite the urgency of the situation, SM Entertainment has yet to respond to the pleas of fans and the concerning reports of stalking. As the online harassment persists, supporters grow increasingly anxious for the safety and well-being of Red Velvet’s Seulgi.