Red Velvet Wendy Criticized for Unstable Singing — ReVeluvs Jump To Idol’s Defense

On X, Red Velvet Wendy became a hot topic among HYBE stans for her “unstable” vocals. As a result, Pink Bloods (SM fans) and ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fandom) immediately defended the idol.

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On February 29, the singer held her special fan meeting event, “2024 B-day PARTY – WENDY [HAPPY WENDY DAY],” to belatedly celebrate her birthday on February 21.

While Wendy spent an unforgettable time with ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fandom), her singing skills raised brows after she performed one of global superstar Beyoncé’s hits.

Red Velvet Wendy’s True Vocals Questioned Following ‘Unstable’ Singing of ‘Love on Top’

Red Velvet Wendy Sends ReVeluvs in Frenzy After Joining Tyla's 'Water' Challenge
(Photo : Red Velvet Wendy (Kpopping))

As part of the event, the “Like Water” singer not only performed Red Velvet’s and her solo songs but presented various challenges and cover of other artists’ tracks.

When her videos were shared on X, Wendy, who is considered one of K-pop’s best vocalists in K-pop, raised eyebrows due to her “poor vocal stability” in most of the challenges she did.

Among them, her rendition of Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” had K-pop fans rethinking of her title as one of the best, with them questioning if she’s worthy to be called “legendary” with the performance.

Looking at the video, Wendy seemed to have struggled to reach the high notes and was off-tune. Her attempt to do riffs and runs also failed.

As the LE SSERAFIM’s encore controversy is still hot across social media, HYBE fans started dragging Wendy into the issue and claimed the double standard the girl group has to suffer from other fandoms.

The 4th-gen quintet faced massive backlash for their “disappointing” live vocals while singing their latest hit “Easy” after winning a trophy in a music show.

Fandoms then claimed that LE SSERAFIM proved that K-pop nowadays favors idols with fame and visuals, rather than those with true talents. K-pop fans also highlighted how the second and third-gen artists put importance to skills first and foremost.

But with Wendy failing to belt “Love on Top,” HYBE stans claimed that other fandoms are just blatantly hating on LE SSERAFIM not because of their skills, but because they are “jealous” of the group’s position in the global music scene.

Red Velvet Wendy Apologizes for Unstable Vocals, ReVeluvs Defend Singer

To fans, especially ReVeluvs’, defense, Wendy earned little to no criticism from other fandoms since the whole K-pop industry already knows her capabilities as a 10-year artist.

Since her debut in 2014, the idol has solidified her status as the main vocalist of Red Velvet and earned a spot as a successful soloist in 2021. She doesn’t really have to prove her singing abilities to anyone, let alone be criticized for having unstable vocals after being tired of singing live multiple times prior.

Wendy’s performance, according to fans, can’t be compared to LE SSERAFIM’s case. After all, the members are still rookies who are yet to prove that they are worthy of their top artist status amid the influx of talented girl groups and prove that they are not in their current seats just because they are artists under HYBE, K-pop biggest entertainment label.

Meanwhile, the issue seemed to reach Wendy with the star bowing her head to apologize through the fan-communicating app, Bubble.

Here, she admitted that she was lacking during her performance and as a way to make it up to fans, Wendy sent another cover of the song, which finally unleashed her true skills.