Red Velvet Wendy Voted #1 Idol Suitable Perfume Model for Fall — Here’s Top 10

In a survey, Red Velvet Wendy took the top spot as the female singer who fits best as a perfume model for autumn.

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Who else entered the Top 10?

Red Velvet Wendy Crowned as #1 Idol Suited to Become Fall Perfume Model

From September 7 to 13, media outlet TenAsia held a survey under the theme, “Which female singer is fitted to be a perfume model that matches autumn?”

After the 1-week voting period, the result was unveiled on September 17 and the star who sat at the top of the rankings is none other than Red Velvet Wendy!

Wendy, fairy-like beauty... Radiating lovely charm

(Photo : Wendy Instagram)

Garnering 650 votes, the idol boasts soothing and warm vocals that remind you of an apple cider. Wendy also has sweet and calm visuals that go well with the fall.

Meanwhile, Wendy is currently active as a musical actress after being cast in the 10th anniversary of the show, “Rebecca,” which will run until November.

Red Velvet Wendy

(Photo : Instagram: @todayis_wendy)
Red Velvet Wendy

Wendy, fairy-like beauty... Radiating lovely charm

(Photo : Wendy Instagram)

Wendy’s role as “I” in “Rebeca” is a pure and delicate emotional figure who meets Maxim de Winter by accident and falls in love with him while traveling, but is passive because of the overwhelming presence of Maxim’s ex-wife, Rebecca.

Top 10 Female Idols Suitable As Perfume Models for Autumn: Sakura, Irene, More!

Following Wendy, the second place was taken by LE SSERAFIM Sakura.

Indeed, when you hear her name Sakura, it is impossible not to think about cherry blossoms, and at the same time, the crisp autumn leaves that will come next!

Sakura earned 570 votes from fans due to this.


(Photo : Instagram: @39saku_chan)

On the other hand, LESSERAFIM has been on the U.S. Billboard chart for 19 consecutive weeks.

According to the latest chart, the title track of the first full-length album “UNFORGIVEN (Feat. Nile Rodgers)” and the track “Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard’s Wife” ranked 135th and 142nd, respectively, on “Billboard Global (excluding the United States).”

As for the third place, Red Velvet’s leader Irene took the seat with 567 votes. In terms of visuals and vibe, Irene has a combination of both coldness and warmness, which is the perfect balance for autumn!

Red Velvet Irene's New Reality Show Draws Mixed Reactions– Here's Why

(Photo : Irene (seezn Instagram))

Ahead of Red Velvet’s comeback in the second half of 2023, the group, including Irene, attended the “Primavera Sound 2023” held in Barcelona, Spain in June and wrote history as the only K-pop group invited this year. They performed a stage consisting of a total of 13 colorful sets for about an hour at the Ron Brugal stage.

[Full List] Top 10 Female Singers Who Are Suited As Perfume Models for Autumn

  1. Red Velvet Wendy
  2. LE SSERAFIM Sakura
  3. Red Velvet Irene
  4. Secret Number Dita
  5. NewJeans Minji
  6. Oh My Girl YoonA
  7. Oh My Girl Arin
  8. Secret Number Soodam
  9. aespa Giselle
  10. LE SSERAFIM Kazuha