Red Velvet’s ‘Cosmic’ MV criticized for copying ‘Midsommar’ without their own creative spin

Article: Copy and paste of ‘Midsommar’ Red Velvet’s music video, uncreative with their inspiration

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Source: Dailyan via Nate

[+42, -1] It all really is a copy paste from the flower crowns to the outfits

[+19, -8] SM seems to be on the decline.. especially their songwriting. They were the best through the ’90s and early ’00s, so it’s sad to see what they’ve become

[+14, -0] Midsommar is gorey so just a warning for anyone interested in watching it

[+10, -1] Midsommar will definitely f*ck with you so proceed with caution. It’s been five years since I last watched it and I still feel sick thinking about it.

[+4, -1] I thought for sure their MV was an homage to Midsommar so it’s shameless to find out that it’s not

[+1, -0] Kinda weird that they’d base their concept off of a movie like Midsommar, an incredibly bizarre movie…;;