Red Velvet’s Irene & BLACKPINK’s Jennie Apologies over Attitude Controversy Compared by Netizens 

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jennie came under fire for smoking a vape while indoors and blowing the smoke into the face of closeby staff members. 

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The female idol has since released an official apology through her agency, ODD ATELIER. However, many netizens found this apology to not be enough and deemed Jennie’s public image as tainted. 

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Amid criticisms directed at Jennie, however, the past apology of Red Velvet’s Irene over her attitude controversy started to be discussed as well. 

In particular, netizens compare this apology to Jennie’s and other celebrities’, pointing out that unlike others who often post short apology letters on stories (which disappear after 24 hours) or deleted them after a certain period, Irene has kept her apology post up since 2020. 

According to netizens, this is evidence that Irene has truly reflected on her actions and regretted her mistake. 

Below are some comments under a related topic on the Korena forum Pann Nate:

  • Idols often delete it after some time or just upload it as a story, so Irene is impressive 
  • Ah, she really has a straightforward personality. She’s professional and cool in some ways, but also sensitive.
  • Irene apologized three times.. Looking at her actions after apologizing, I wish people will stop cursing at her
  • I like that she seems to be sincerely reflecting.
  • Irene is the best, she’s sincere… Jennie doesn’t upload the apology on her SNS because she’s afraid her Insta feed will get dirty, lol.
  • I really hate it when people post apologies as stories that disappear in a day.

Source: Pann Nate